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Cap Liner Information


Note: the selection of the liner is by far the most important step which will determine the success or failure of your package. Wheaton recommends the the following criteria for liner selection:

  • Conformity to regulations - EPA and PDA
  • Chemical resistance
  • Sealing ability against moisture/gas gain or loss, leakage, pressure buildup, and corrosive packaging
  • Avoidance of "overpackaging" - selecting the most economical liner for the required applications
Material Description Applications
Poly-vinyl One mil poly vinyl film bonded to one mil high density polyethylene (HDPE) on a #30 white pulp paper backing. Superior to plain pulp paper because it provides an excellent moisture barrier. General purpose: Suitable for wide range of applications. Chemical resistance: Good for mild acids, alkalis, solvents, alcohols, oils, and aqueous products. Poor for active hydrocarbons and bleaches.
PTFE-Faced Foamed Polyethylene PTFE-faced foamed polyethylene liner that offers the excellent chemical resistance of PTFE with the compressibility and sealing properties of polyethylene foam. Typical applications: analytical lab samples, high purity chemicals, strong acids, solvents. Excellent for environmental samples, pharmaceuticals, and diagnostic reagents.
Poly-Seal® Manufactured from low density polyethylene (LDPE). The unique cone design provides a wedge type seal that not only seals across the top but also across the inside diameter. Unique problem solving type of liner. This liner is stress crack resistant and offers superior torque retention and excellent sealing characteristics. It is recommended that this liner be tested prior to use for leak seal.
14B White Rubber The 14B white rubber lining material consists of homogenous sulfer cured styrene-butadiene rubber. FDA Status complies with 21CFR 177.26, "Rubber articles intended for repeated use." Excellent properties of resilience, resistant to moisture vapor. Chemical barrier. Autoclavable.

Wheaton caps protect against product escaping andd prevent product contamination from outside substances.