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Electron Multipliers
for the Agilent 5971

Replacement detectors for your Agilent/HP 5971 mass spectrometer. Multipliers are from the top manufacturers: Detector Technologies (DeTech) and ETP.


  • 2300/2373 (cartridge or frame)2300/2373
    (cartridge or frame)
    Get a DeTech 2300 Electron Multiplier here. Used in Agilent 5975 MSD (without TAD)/5973/5972/5971/5970/1100 LC-MSD mass spectrometers and backed by a 100% no-nonsense warranty. Developed by Detector Technology, Inc.
  • 2300KM (large KM size)2300KM
    (large KM size)
    For instruments: Agilent 5971/A MSD with K&M optics, Agilent 5972/A MSD with K&M optics, Bruker Esquire
  • 356 (on circuit board)356
    (on circuit board)


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