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Rollerflex Vacuum Hose

Rollerflex Vacuum Hose
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Lightweight PVC Cord Reinforced Vacuum Hose

Rollerflex spiral PVC cord reinforced hoses are widely used in all industries. As there is no metal spring used in the hose construction, this hose offers advantages of low cost, low weight and superior corrosion resistance over metal helix hoses. Special flexible PVC compounds are used for specific applications, such as non toxic compounds that meet FDA criteria for food and beverage industries and oil resistant material for the petroleum industry. The high quality flexible PVC hoses have a rigid PVC helix embedded within the wall to resist impact and crushing. The wide choice in diameters and standard coupling and joint compatibility resolves all of your vacuum hose problems.

Due to Rollerflex vacuum hoses light weight, but high anti-collapsible strength, it is ideal for use on mass spectrometers and other high vacuum equipment. The clear transparent tubing enables clear visibility of oil backups from roughing pumps.

Cross Section of Rollerflex Vacuum Hose showing spiral PVC embedded in walls of the tubing.

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  • Strong PVC cord embedded within the walls of the PVC Tubing
  • Smooth Surface Inside and Out
  • 50% Lighter Than Conventional Hose
  • For use in both Pressure and Vacuum applications
  • Recommended for Vacuum pumps on Mass Spectrometers
  • Full Vacuum Rating - less than 1 x 10-7 torr
  • Kink and Crush Resistant
  • Transparency Allows Easy Visual Inspection of Interior Contents
  • Low Cost Alternative to Wire Reinforced Hose
  • Light Weight but tough and abrasion resistant
  • Bend Radius of 3 time I.D.
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Usable Temperature Range 10 °F - 140 °F


Chemical Content 100% Polyvinyl Chloride
Tensile Strength 1900 - 2000 psi
Working Temperature 10 °F to 140 °F
Radius of Curvature 3 times I.D.
Vacuum Rating 28 in. Hg.
Burst Rating 225 - 315 psi
Express ordering quantity in FEET.

Rollerflex vacuum hose is easy to use and very economical. It is ideal for mass spec vacuum systems.

Rollerflex Vac Hose (Express ordering quantity in FEET)
Part No. IDODCord Quantity
In Stock
UOM Price Order
RF075 0.75 in1.00 in--- DISCONTINUEDFoot ---10 or more: 10% off; 100 or more: 27% off.---
RF075SP 0.75 in0.938 inPVC 130Foot $2.9010 or more: 10% off; 100 or more: 27% off.
RF100 1.00 in1.25 in--- 53Foot $4.4810 or more: 10% off; 100 or more: 27% off.
RF100SP 1.00 in1.25 inPVC 19Foot $4.3510 or more: 10% off; 100 or more: 27% off.
RF125 1.25 in1.62 in--- 111Foot $5.2510 or more: 10% off; 100 or more: 27% off.
RF150 1.50 in1.87 in--- 67Foot $6.1310 or more: 10% off; 100 or more: 27% off.
RF175 1.75 in2.25 in--- 140Foot $7.5010 or more: 10% off; 100 or more: 27% off.
RF200 2.00 in2.50 in--- 15Foot $8.4910 or more: 10% off; 100 or more: 27% off.
RF300 3.00 in3.4375 in--- DISCONTINUEDRL ---10 or more: 10% off; 100 or more: 27% off.---
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