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MS Calibration Compounds

Scientific Instrument Services, Inc. offers a range of calibration compounds for your mass spectrometer.

  • FC-43FC-43
    This compound is available in bottles of 35, 100, and 200 grams.
  • FC-70FC-70
    FC-70 is a liquid at room temperature and can be used in the same manner as FC-43.
  • CsI/RbI/NaICsI/RbI/NaI
    This 1:1:1 molar mixture is a 10% solution in distilled water.
    This is a 10% solution in distilled water and is used for the 2000 to 5000 range.
compounds to calibrate your mass spectrometer m/z
FC43 50-500 (EI) or 200-700 (CI) mass range
FC70 50-600 (EI) or 200-850 (CI) mass range
CsI/RbI/NaIcalibration up to the 2000 mass range
CsI FAB 2000-5000 range
ESCAL (discontinued) 195-1922 - calibration mixture for electrospray ion sources (caffeine, MRFA (met-arg-phe-ala) peptide, and perfluoroalkylphosphazine)
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