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Digivac Model 100H

Digivac Bench Top Vacuum Gauge Model 100 H
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Price: 860.69
Product ID : M100H


Battery Operated, Wide Range Digital Vacuum Instrumentation measuring in Torr, mBar and kPa

The DIGIVAC Model 100H is a portable digital vacuum instrument that reads from 1 milliTorr (1 x 10^-3 Torr) up to 760 Torr with the standard Varian 531 tube. This gauge is ideal for the person that needs wide range accuracy, but requires the rugged portability and ease of use that this battery powered gauge offers. It can be easily switched between Torr, mBar or kPa pressure units on the fly with a simple press of a switch. This unit is often used by pump rebuilders to verify ultimate pump vacuum level, and as a backup to existing vacuum gauges. This instrument comes in a rugged case and uses a "D" type of battery to increase battery change intervals. pdf.gif


PowerD battery
Vac Interface1/8" MNPT
SensorHastings DV-6M
UnitsTorr,mBar or Kpa
Accuracy+/- 15% of reading
Dimensions2.37 inch high, 5.12 inch wide, 5.25 inch deep
Display.70 inch high, 3.5 Digit LCD display
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