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Digivac Vacuum Gauge Model 801W

Digivac Bench Top Vacuum Gauge Model 801W
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Price: 1073.15
Product ID : M801W2C


Panel Mount drop in replacement for Varian 801 with wide range and 2 optional SPDT controls

The Digivac Model 801W is a drop in replacement for the Varian 801 and other Hastings and Fredericks gauge controllers which mount in the industry standard 3 bolt pattern.

The Digivac Model 801 is the industry's best value for a rugged vacuum gauge for measuring through 6 decades of wide range rough vacuum with SPDT controls. This unit measures vacuum in Torr and uses the rugged Varian 531 thermocouple vacuum gauge tube. The gauge controller is easily mounted with mounting screws in a 1.58" bolt radius with all wiring easily accessible. The Digivac has no moving parts so is highly resistant to shock, therefore requires infrequent calibration. The Digivac gauge controller has a large LED display which can be easily read from across the room, or in dimly lit locations.

This gauge measures from 1 micron (1 x 10-3 Torr) all the way up to 760,000 Microns (760 Torr) or Atmosphere. The wide range of this vacuum instrument enables users to easily troubleshoot their system. This gauge can also output vacuum readings to an optional RS232 serial connection. This output can be used to graph and plot historical data with the Digivac plotting software, and can also be used as a vacuum transmitter to a PLC or other device.

This unit has the Varian 801 standard 3 hole mounting pattern or an optional 4 hole hastings pattern and is microprocessor based. Installation is easy . . . simply remove the analog gauge and mont the Digivac 801W faceplate to the outside of the panel. The display and electronics mount behind the panel with the screws provided. The display is visible through the clearance hole normally provided for the meter body.


Range.001 - 760
Vac Interface1/8" MNPT or KF/NW
SensorVarian 531
Sensor cable length10 feet
Display.56" high, 3.5 Digit Red LED
DimensionsMounts in 2.66" panel hole with 3 screws on 1.60" radius
Analog output(if applicable) 0 - 5 VDC
Power100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, CE rated
Controls7 amp, 250 Volt (if applicable)

Vacuum instrumentation with everything you need to go to work

Each DIGIVAC Vacuum Instrument comes with:

  • A vacuum gauge controller
  • A thermocouple vacuum gauge tube (vacuum sensor)
  • A cable to connect the vacuum gauge controller to the thermocouple vacuum gauge tube
  • An AC adapter that runs on 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hertz
  • Pre-tested under actual vacuum against a NIST standard
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