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Granville Phillips Vacuum Gauge Controller

Granville-Phillips Vacuum Gauge Controller
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Granville-Phillips Vacuum Gauge Controller for Versatile, Accurate Pressure Measurement

Granville-Phillips 340 Vacuum Gauge Controller (VGC) measures pressure from less than 1 x 10-9 Torr to atmosphere, utilizing an ionization gauge and two Convectron gauges. Pressure from each gauge is indicated independently on three front panel digital displays and by rear panel analog outputs. Resistance heating degas of the ionization gauge is standard.

Infrequently used controls are housed behind a hinged front panel to reduce front panel clutter. The 3 1/2 in. high controller is available as a compact 8 in. wide bench mount unit.

Excellent efficiency of the integral power supply and low internal power consumption allows the 340 to run cool without requiring ventilation openings in its aluminum enclosure. This helps avoid failures that can be induced by heat or foreign materials.

* VGC340 Only: Purchase cables and tubes separately.


  • Uses one Bayard-Alpert Ion Gauge tube and two Convectron Gauge Tubes
  • Resistance Heating Degas
  • Convenient Bench Top Design
  • Three Independent Digital LED Readouts


Display 3 independent LED digital
Pressure Range 1000 to 1 x 10-9 Torr using both ion gauge and Convectron Gauge Tubes
Emission Current Controlled, Adjustable 0.01-10.0 mA
Degas I2R:8V, 10A max.
Weight 11.0 lbs
Dimensions 9.0" wide x 3.0" high x 11" deep.
Part No. Description Picture Quantity
In Stock
VGC340 Model 340 Vac. Gauge Controller, * PART NUMBER OUTDATED. New number is VGC350(#)------
340C10 10ft Cable, Ionization DISCONTINUED------
340C25 25ft Cable, Ionization INACTIVE------
340C50 50ft Cable, Ionization INACTIVE------
340DC10 10ft Dual Convectron Cable DISCONTINUED------
340DC25 25ft Dual Convectron Cable INACTIVE------
340DC50 50ft Dual Convectron Cable DISCONTINUED------
G75K ION GAUGE TUBE 3/4" KOVAR HP #09600376 ---.. 0Standard lead-time for non-stock items is approximately two weeks depending on the item. $224.004 or more: 3% off.
G75P Ion Gauge Tube, 3/4 in Pyrex Iridium thumbnail 0Standard lead-time for non-stock items is approximately two weeks depending on the item. $219.004 or more: 3% off.
275071 1/8in NPT Convectron Gauge Tube (HP #0960-0540) 0Standard lead-time for non-stock items is approximately two weeks depending on the item. $260.00
275196 NW25 Convectron Tube DISCONTINUED------
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