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Varian Digital Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge Controls - 300 Series

Varian Digital Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge Controls
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The 300 Series Digital Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge Controls are used for repeatable, stable pressure measurement in the 10-3 Torr to 2 Torr range. These controls are fully temperature compensated by use of a thermistor placed in the gauge cable socket. The thermal response of the thermistor is equal to, but in the opposite direction from the thermocouple characteristics, thereby compensating for ambient temperature changes. The 302 Control is compact and lightweight, with three mounting studs to facilitate panel mounting in a minimum of space. The 302A is mounted in a portable enclosure.The 302 and 302A have easy-to-read meter scales, recorder output, and include a 10 ft. gauge cable and one 531 thermocouple gauge tube. It also includes a 6-ft. power cord. All necessary cables are included. Also available in 220V.

Varian Digital Gauge 300 Series
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