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Liquid Nitrogen Refrigerant Traps - 4" Inline

Liquid Nitrogen Refrigerant Traps - 4" Inline
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Product ID : LNT475
LNT4150 Port Tube=1.5" OD 4" LN2 Trap LNT4100K Port Tube=NW25 4" LN2 Trap LNT475K Port Tube=NW16 4" LN2 Trap LNT4150K Port Tube=NW40 4" LN2 Trap LNT4100 Port Tube=1" OD 4" LN2 Trap LNT475 Port Tube=3/4" OD 4" LN2 Trap


  • Electropolished 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Electropolished cold thimble and trap interior. Provides resistance to corrosion, with superior vacuum compatibility. Reduces the effect of radiant heat on the cold surface.
  • Easily removable cold thimble
  • Available option to install a drain plug for easier emptying of the trap for $95. Call in (908-788-5550) to add the installation to your order.


SIS cold traps are on the "cold thimble" design. The surface of the cold thimble containing liquid nitrogen at -187 °C, being exposed to the vacuum system, rapidly condenses molecules in the vapor phase. This action provides the trapping effect, and cryopumping especially for water vapor the most common condensable in vacuum systems. Pumping speed for water vapor at the trapping surface is 95 liters/sec. per sq. inch. The vapor pressure for water vapor at the cold thimble is reduced to 10-21 Torr, "theoretical," producing a low base vacuum. other gases found in vacuum processes will be sublimated or liquefied at the cold trapping surface. This effect provides a convenient trapping or collecting mechanism.
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