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Digivac Bench Top Vacuum Gauges

Digivac provides vacuum instrumentation with everything you need to go to work. They have a reputation in the vacuum industry as having a rugged benchtop gauge that provides years of valuable service.

Each DIGIVAC vacuum gauge includes:

  • A vacuum gauge controller
  • A thermocouple vacuum gauge tube (vacuum sensor)
  • A cable to connect the vacuum gauge controller to the thermocouple vacuum gauge tube
  • An AC adapter that runs on 100 - 230VAC, 50/60 HZ with line cord adapter.
  • Pre-tested under actual vacuum against a NIST standard
  • Model 200Model 200
    The industry's most rugged and versatile precision vacuum instrumentation.
  • Model DVG-6Model DVG-6
    Ideal Bolt in Replacement for Hastings VT-6, CVT-16, and CVT-26
  • Model 276Model 276
    Super Accurate Dual Sensor Technology from 1 milliTorr to 760 Torr
  • Model 200 EthernetModel 200 Ethernet
    Digivac Model 200 Ethernet is designed to be rugged with six decades of vacuum measurement and remote monitoing capabilities.
  • Model 450Model 450
    Digivac Model 450 is an innovative vacuum level controller with proportional valve and isolated transducer available with absolute or differential control options
  • Model 215Model 215
    Digivac Vacuum Gauge Model 215VLC is a unique innovative gauge that offers a versatile and economical method of vacuum regulation and control
  • Model 801WModel 801W
    The Digivac Vacuum Gauge Model 801W is a panel mount drop in replacement for Varian 801 with wide range and 2 optional SPDT controls.
  • StrataVac(Model 201)StrataVac
    (Model 201)
    Highly adaptable multigauge controller for active gauges, capacitance manometers, and thermocouples with vacuum control and regulation to make working with vacuum easier.
  • Model 22WModel 22W
    Digivac Vacuum Gauge Model 22W is an ultra compact vacuum transmitter that delivers big results.
  • Model 100HModel 100H
    Portable vacuum instrument with DV6M TC
  • Model GP-355 - for Agilent 6100/6200/6400/6500Model GP-355 - for Agilent 6100/6200/6400/6500
    High-vacuum gauge, micro-ion E with flange, direct replacement for Agilent single quadrupole 6100/XX series, TOF 6200/XX series, triple quadrupole 6400/XX series, Q-TOF 6500/XX series. Replaces OEM p/n G1960-80303 SIS196080303 : -
  • CalibrationCalibration
    Your Digivac Vacuum Gauge can be calibrated as if it were new against a NIST traceable standard.
  • SoftwareSoftware
    The Digivac Plot software gives you a virtual Digivac Instrument reading on your PC