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Digivac Vacuum Gauge StrataVac (Model 201)

Digivac Bench Top Vacuum Gauge StrataVac (Model 201)
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Product ID : M201
M201 StrataVac Vacuum Gauge


Highly adaptable multigauge controller for active gauges, capacitance manometers, and thermocouples with vacuum control and regulation to make working with vacuum easier.

The StrataVac series gauge controller is a highly configurable, digital vacuum control instrument, capable of driving and combining multiple sensors. This device can save space, money and complexity, by combining many tasks into one device, while enabling the user to have any level of accuracy desired for different ranges. It is a highly flexible, multigauge controller, that accepts different inputs based on driver board and sensor election. It can have different outputs including: Analog Recorder, RS232, Ethernet, SPDT relays and VLC. The StrataVac is configured with sensors based on the accuracy and range required for a specific application, and displays the pressure reading in user selectable units of: Torr, mbar or kilopascal. The Model 201 can either be panel mounted or sit on a bench top, and can use thermocouple, capacitance manometer, PCG750, CDG500, or PVG500 active gauges. The 201 has a built in feature that displays "range" when the sensor is below its useful range, to minimize confusion when looking at multiple instruments. It displays "error" if there is a sensor input fault, and puts any configured relays immediately to the safe atmospheric setting. The StrataVac also has a rich command set, to empower the user to control the set points and PID variables, via a local RS232 session or from a web browser a world away.

This gauge measures from 1 micron (1 x 10-3torr) all the way up to 760,000 microns (760 torr) or atmosphere. The wide range of this vacuum instrument enables users to easily troubleshoot their system. This gauge can also output vacuum readings to an optional RS232 serial or ethernet connection. This output can be used to graph and plot historical data with the Digivac plotting software, and can also be used as a vacuum transmitter to a PLC or other device.


Range.0005 - 760 Torr
Vac Interface1/8" MNPT
SensorVarian 531
Power100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, CE rated