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Klübertemp® UT 18 Grease

Klübertemp® UT 18 Grease
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Price: 155
Product ID : UT18
UT18 FOMBLIN UT-18- 100 GM


Klübertemp® UT 18 (formerly Fomblin® UT 18) is a homogenous white grease suitable for lubricating mechanical parts used in a wide temperature range from -30 to 150 °C, with a maximum operating temperature of 200 °C. Applications include lubricating optical and micromechanical equipment, as well as mechanical parts subject to medium loads, where resistance to temperature and air degradation are needed.


  • Extreme pressure (boundary) mechanical parts
  • Low to high temperatures in mechanical parts
  • Optical and micromechanical equipment
  • Roller bearings of conveyer belts
  • Dry pump applications
  • Manufacturing, aeronautical, and electromechanical industries