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Fomblin Perfluorosolv PFS-1 Solvent

Fomblin Perfluorosolv PFS-1 Solvent
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Product ID : PFS1L
PFS1L Size=1 Liter Fomblin PFS1 Solvent PFS2 Size=1 Gallon Fomblin PFS1 Solvent


Fomblin Perfluorosolv PFS-1 Solvent is a low molecular weight perfluoropolyether which can be used as a CFC113 replacement in many industrial applications. Due to Perfluorosolv’s low vapor pressure and high boiling point versus CFC113, evaporation losses and overall consumption are reduced. PFS-1 performs well in many electronic and semiconductor cleaning applications and is used for rinsing pumps that are charged with Fomblin. PFS-1 solvent has been formulated to be compatible and completely miscible with perfluoropolyether(PFPE) and chlorotrifluoroethylene (CFTE) oils and greases. PFS1 solvent can also act as a dilutent in the application of more viscous PFPE and CTFE fluids or greases.

  • Non ozone depletor
  • Extremely inert and non-toxic
  • Safe to use in the workplace
  • Guaranteed compatibility for pump cleaning applications where inert fluids are used


Vapor Pressure @ 25 °C: 100 torr
Viscosity @ 25 °C: 0.75 cst
Flash Point: None
Boiling Point: 90 °C
Density @ 25 °C: 1.69 gm/cc
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