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Stainless Steel Sparging Needles for Sample Purging System

Purge and Trap Sparging Needles
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Purging Needle

A variety of lengths of the stainless steel sparging needles are available for the S.I.S. Purge & Trap system. All needles are constructed from stainless steel capillary tubing, 0.50 mm O.D. Approximately 10 mm from the flat end a metal hub is attached for the seating and sealing of the needle in the fitting on the S.I.S. liquid purge head. The 5.0 mL sample tubes use the 16.0 cm long needles, and the 25.0 mL sample tubes use the 22.5 cm long needles. In addition the 11.5 cm long needles can be used with standard 12 mm x 75 mm long disposable Pyrex glass test tubes. Additional sizes listed are for use with other sample vials, flasks or specific requirements. Other sizes are available on special request.

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Part No. pkg ofLength (cm)OD (mm)ID (mm) Stock/
Lead Time
UOM Price Order
031205 Sparging Needle
511.50.500.12 DISCONTINUEDEA------
8610306 STANDARD NEEDLES 16CM 2/PK; 5/10A16CM
------------ DISCONTINUEDPK------
------------ 0Standard lead-time for non-stock items is approximately two weeks depending on the item. PK$38.25
8610309 STANDARD NEEDLES 30CM PK/2; 5/10A30CM
------------ DISCONTINUEDPK------
------------ DISCONTINUEDEA------
8610366 STANDARD NEEDLE 16CM PK/2 15/25/50A16CM
------------ 48 hoursLead time for this non-stock item is approximately 48 hours. PK$43.00
86103691 Sparging Needle
222.50.500.20 DISCONTINUEDPK------
8610369 Sparging Needle
230.00.500.20 DISCONTINUEDPK------
031405 Sparging Needle
511.50.500.25 DISCONTINUEDEA------
031406 Sparging Needle
216.00.500.25 1PK$24.75
86103891 Sparging Needle
222.50.500.25 DISCONTINUEDPK------
8610389 Sparging Needle
230.00.500.25 DISCONTINUEDPK------
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