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Gilibrator Air Flow Calibration System

Gilibrator Primary Air Flow Calibrator
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Primary Standard Airflow Calibrator with Interchangeable Flow Cell Assemblies

The Gilibrator System from Gilian is an easy to use Primary Standard for the calibration of Air Sampling equipment. This unique system features 3 interchangeable flow cells that incorporate twist on/off mounting and a micro-processor control unit.

Individual flow cells provide consistent pulsation free bubbles and the built in infrared sensors activate instantaneously to indicate the flow readouts on the Control Units LCD display. The 3 Flow Cell ranges are: High (2-30 LPM) Standard (20cc-6 LPM) and Low (2-250 cc/min.).

The control unit also offers useful microprocessor functions that include Auto-Averaging of multiple flow readings and a Flow Delete function that will subtract false readings from the average and reset back to the previous value.

The Gilibrator system is the only airflow calibrator with interchangeable flow cells. This unique Gilian design allows you to choose from three individual flow ranges.

  • High (2-30 LPM)
  • Standard (20cc-6 LPM)
  • Low (1-250 cc/min)

The Gilibrator electronics are programmed to calculate the air flow rate, average flow rate, and the test number of each sequence automatically. A manual Delete function will subtract erroneous readings from the average.

Control unit base

The Gilibrator's control unit base features a large easy-to-read LCD display and select buttons for easy calculation of data. An auto-averaging button automatically averages the data during the calibration period. It states the number of calibrations and the average flow rate. The Delete button allows the erroneous bubble reading to be removed from the running average, and reset back to the previous reading. A reset button is a quick way to initialize a new calibration sequence and set the display back to zero.


  • Three digit measurement of positive and negative air flows
  • Approved Primary Standard Flow Calibration (National Institute of Science and Technology
  • Interchangeable high, standard and low flow cell ranges
  • Control base with auto functions
  • Automatic bubble generator
  • Rechargeable battery generator
  • Compact and completely portable
  • Full one year warranty

Interchangeable flow cell mount

Each cell is designed to twist onto the electronics base. This enables you to install each cell quickly, without screws or clips.

Automatic bubble generator

At the base of the flow cell is the bubble generator. By pushing the button down, a ring lowers itself into the soap solution, creating a perfect film. Releasing the button lifts the film to the flow tube automatically.

Built-in infrared bubble sensors

This feature senses when the bubble passes the lower sensor, then the upper sensor. The electronics then calculate the flow rate of the bubble and indicate the reading on the LCD display.

Interchangeable flow cells

Flow Cells

The new Gilibrator system is an easy-to-use primary flow calibrator. This unique system features three interchangeable flow cells that incorporate twist on/twist off mounting. This allows the user to buy one unit and simply switch the flow cell chamber for a specific calibration range.

Flow cell ranges include a high flow of 2-30 LPM to calibrate large scale high volume samplers. A standard range will cover most of your flow equipment ranges from 20cc-6LPM. For ultra low flow calibration, Gilian offers a 1-250cc/min flow cell ideal for calibrating samplers with sorbent tubes in line.

Pulsation dampers

The pulsation damper removes pulsation from the flow source for higher accuracy sampling as well as eliminating pulsations back into the flow source during bubble generation.

Average, delete, and reset functions

Successive readings can be taken and the Gilibrator will automatically average the readings taken during that trial. If an error is made due to an improper bubble, that reading may be deleted from the average and brought back to the previous average. To reset the system, which initiates a new averaging sequence, simply press Reset.

Run and charge LEDs

When the first infrared sensor is tripped, the RUN LED will light. This will prevent you from inadvertently initiating another bubble during the run. The charge LED indicates that the battery is being charged.

Rechargeable battery system

This enables you to use the Gilibrator anywhere, in the lab or in the field. When fully charged, the Gilibrator will operate for a period of eight hours The unit can also be used on AC current.


Flow cell operating ranges

  • High flow cell: 2-30 LPM
  • Standard flow cell: 20cc-6 LPM
  • Low flow cell: 1-250 cc/min

Bubble generator

Push-button bubble generator lifts an even soap film from the reservoir and provides consistent bubble film generation.

Pulsation damper

Built-in automatic damper eliminates pulsations


Provides an instantaneous average of multiple flow readings and is indicated on the display.

Flow delete

Provides a means to delete an erroneous reading should an improper bubble be generated. This allows the user to maintain an accurate running average and reset back to the previous value.


Provides the user with the ability to reset the unit back to zero to begin a new calibration sequence.

Programmable update

The electronics design allows programmable updates to assure a long, useful service life.


Over 99%


The Gilibrator system is guaranteed for one year against defects in parts and/or workmanship.


We only offer these kits in 120V.

Complete Kits

All complete kits include control base, bubble generator assembly, flow cell soap and dispenser, battery charger, tubing, carrying case, and instruction manual.

High flow kit

Includes one 2 to 30 LPM Flow Cell Assembly. Contains all items in Complete kit.

Standard flow kit

Includes one 20cc/min. to 6 LPM Flow Cell Assembly. Contains all items in Complete Kit.

Low flow kit

Includes one 1 to 250 cc/min. Flow Cell Assembly. Contains all items in Complete Kit.

Diagnostic kits

Diagnostic kits include all equipment as specified in the Complete Kitts plus a Diagnostic Calibrator panel, flowtube(s) and pressure gauge, which is built into the carrying case. Available in standard and Low only

The Gilibrator Air Flow Calibration System is a primary calibration system for the accurate measurement of both positive and negative gas flows.

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800270 Gilibrator-2, High Flow Kit, 120V, 2 to 30 LPM thumbnail 0*Lead time for this non-stock item is approximately 7 days. $2430.00
800271 Gilibrator-2, Standard Flow Kit, 120V, 20cc to 6LPM - includes the control base, standard flow cell (200 cc to 6 lpm) the power adapter, tubing, soap solution w/dispenser in a hard shell carry case. 0*Lead time for this non-stock item is approximately 7 days. $2225.00
800272 Gilibrator-2, Low Flow Kit, 120V, 1 to 250cc DISCONTINUED------
800275 Deluxe Gilibrator Kit DISCONTINUED------
8008442 Gilibrator-2, Std. Flow Diagnostic Kit, 120V, 20cc to 6LPM - includes the control base, standard flow cell (200 cc to 6 lpm) the power adapter, tubing, soap solution, has a built-in diagnostic panel w/ rotameters and pressure gauge. DISCONTINUED------
8008441 Gilibrator-2, Low Flow Diagnostic Kit, 120V, 1 to 250cc DISCONTINUED------
800274 Gilibrator-2 Printer Module DISCONTINUED------
401984 Gilibrator-2 Charger, 120V DISCONTINUED------
700560 Gilibrator-2 Battery Pack DISCONTINUED------
8002671 Gilibrator/Gilibrator-2, Low Flow Cell and Sensor only DISCONTINUED------
8002661 Gilibrator/Gilibrator-2, Std. Flow Cell and Sensor only DISCONTINUED------
8002651 Gilibrator/Gilibrator-2, High Flow Cell and Sensor only DISCONTINUED------
800450 Gilibrator/Gilibrator-2, Flow Cell Soap thumbnail 1$43.75
400667 Gilibrator/Gilibrator-2, Soap Dispenser DISCONTINUED------