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Heater Sleeves for Sample Purging System

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Heater Sleeves for Sample Purging System
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The Heater Sleeves for the Purge & Trap System are available in two sizes for the standard sample purging system tubes supplied by S.I.S. They are designed to fit these sampling tubes with the foam breakers. Other sampling tubes can be used, provided they fit tightly into the heater sleeves to provide good surface contact thereby providing for uniform sample heating. The outer facing of the case is constructed of a new aluminized fiberglass insulated material, for a professional appearance. The heating coils inside the blanket sleeve consist of durable, multi-stranded resistance wire that is insulated and knitted over a large surface area into the inner wall of the heater sleeve. In addition a J type thermocouple is encased inside the heater sleeve for accurate temperature measurement and for use in temperature control when used with S.I.S. temperature controller. Both the 24" heater leads and thermocouple leads are encased in a fiberglass sleeve and terminate in a 110 volt twist plug for the heater and a thermocouple plug for the thermocouple. Both of these fittings plug into the back of the S.I.S. temperature controller. A Velcro hanging strap is attached to the heater sleeve for use in attaching the blanket to the purging system. When used with the S.I.S. temperature controller temperatures can be maintained to within 2 degrees C from room temperature to 125 degrees C.


  • Heater sleeve thoroughly surrounds sampling tube for total uniform heating
  • 110 V heater and J thermocouple encased in insulated blanket
  • Aluminized fiberglass insulated blanket construction
  • Velcro hanging strap for attachment to purging systems
  • Two foot long leads terminate in 110V plug and thermocouple plug
  • Designed for use with the S.I.S. temperature controller
  • Available in two sizes for the 5.0 mL and 25.0 mL sparging sample vials
Controller System
Heater Sleeve, VAC=110
Part No. mLLength (in)Width (in)WattsAmps Quantity
In Stock
783016 552450.39 INACTIVE------
783017 256.33850.74 1$320.00
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