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Bench Top Temperature Controller for Purge and Trap Sampling

Bench Top Temperature Controller for Purge and Trap Sampling
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Price: 920
Product ID : 912000
912000220 Voltage=220 V Temperature Controller - Model CT101 912000 Voltage=110 V Temperature Controller - Model CT101


The Model CT101 is a compact bench top temperature controller that can be utilized to supply the heating and temperature controlling of a variety of laboratory accessories. The console is compact, only 5" high x 6" wide x 6" deep. It consists of a high quality controller with a 10 amp relay output. Feedback and temperature control can be accurately controlled via a standard J type thermocouple (iron-constantan). Temperature can be regulated and monitored via the LED display to +/- 1 °C. The controller is normally set up to monitor in degrees C but can be modified for degrees F. A switch on the front panel controls the total power to the system and a separate switch turns off the heater power. Standard features include illuminated power switches, a 3-wire fused cord and a fused output receptacle.

The back panel of the controller contains two separate fuses, one for the total system and the second for the heater output. A 110 volt twist type receptacle provides the outlet for a wide variety of heater accessories. To modify existing heaters for this plug, a twist type plug is available. The thermocouple is attached via a standard thermocouple plug.

Accessory heater plugs & thermocouple plugs are available for connection of other heaters and J-Thermocouples.


  • Compact Portable Temperature Controller with Thermocouple Feedback Control
  • Fully Wired with convenient Receptacles for Heater Output and Thermocouple
  • Single Heating Output with 10 Amp relay output capacity (110 Volt)
  • Uses Standard J Thermocouple
  • Double Fused Circuit


Temperature Controller
Power Input
  • 110 Volt
  • 10 amp
  • 3 wire grounded circuit
Power Output
  • 110 Volt
  • 10 amp
  • fused output
Feedback Thermocouple
  • J Thermocouple
Part No. Description Voltage Quantity
In Stock
912000 Temperature Controller - Model CT101 110 V 0*Standard lead-time for non-stock items is approximately two weeks depending on the item. $920.00
912000220 Temperature Controller - Model CT101 220 V DISCONTINUED------
912001 Accessory Twist Plug Connector 19$53.33
912002 Thermocouple Connector DISCONTINUED------
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