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Stainless Steel Metal Frit Spargers for the Purge & Trap System

Stainless Steel Metal Frit Spargers for the Purge & Trap System
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For the most efficient sparging of liquid samples

They consist of a 1/16" O.D. stainless steel capillary tube attached to a 5.0 micron porous stainless steel frit. This provides for a tiny bubble sparger to efficiently sparge the volatiles from liquid samples. Two sparger lengths are available. The 16 cm length is for use with the S.I.S. 5.0 mL sample tubes and the 22.5 cm length is for use with the S.I.S. 25.0 mL sample tubes.

The capillary tube is held in place in the adaptor fitting with standard 1/16" graphite or graphitized / Vespel® ferrules.

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783041 Purge and Trap Stainless Steel FRIT Sparger, 16 cm long DISCONTINUEDEA------
072623 1/16 in Graphite Ferrules, pkg of 10 DISCONTINUEDPK------
072657 1/16 in Graphitized / Vespel Ferrules, pkg of 10 0Standard lead-time for non-stock items is approximately two weeks depending on the item. PK$52.90
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