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Purge and Trap Accessories

  • Purge & Trap Glass TubesPurge & Trap Glass Tubes
    All tubes are constructed from borosilicate glass with 0.5" O.D. tube ends for mating with standard 1/2" fittings.
  • Plastic Safety ShieldsPlastic Safety Shields
    The Plastic Safety Shields have been constructed for the S.I.S. Purge and Trap System.
  • SS Sparging NeedlesSS Sparging Needles
    A variety of lengths of the stainless steel sparging needles are available for the S.I.S. Purge & Trap system.
  • SS Metal Frit SpargersSS Metal Frit Spargers
    The stainless steel metal frit spargers have been designed for use with the S.I.S. purge and trap system.
  • Glassware for Use in Purging SamplesGlassware for Use in Purging Samples
    The following glassware can be used in conjunction with the S.I.S. purge head adaptor to permit the use of the S.I.S. tube style liquid purge head for purging liquid and solid samples and trapping volatiles purged from the samples onto the S.I.S. Thermal Desorption Tubes.