Electron Multipliers
for the Thermo GCQ/LCQ/SSQ/TSQ 70/Polaris Q

For Mass Spec Models: GCQ, LCQ, LC-MSQ, LTQ, SSQ, TSQ 70/700, Polaris Q
  • DeTech 2313DeTech 2313
    For instruments: Thermo/Finnigan GCQ™, LCQ™, LTQ™, MSQ™, PolarisQ™, Magnum, SSQ®/TSQ® 7000, Orbitrap
  • Photonis 5903/32906Photonis 5903/32906
    High Performance, Linear Over Wide Range of Output Current, Low Noise, Direct Plug-in Replacement for OEM Multiplier
  • Photonis 34002Photonis 34002
    For instruments: Thermo LCQ Deca, LCQ Duo, MSQ, ITD 700, 800, ITS40, MAGNUM
  • Photonis 4715/30071Photonis 4715/30071
    For instruments: Thermo/Finnigan Ion Trap Detector® (ITD), Thermo/Finnigan TSQ® 70 with 20 kV dynode, Thermo/Finnigan TSQ® 700, PerkinElmer Ion Trap, Varian Saturn™ I, Varian Saturn™ II
  • Photonis 4752G/30082Photonis 4752G/30082
    For instruments: Thermo/Finnigan TSQ® 70, Thermo/Finnigan ITMS, Thermo/Finnigan Incos® 50, Thermo/Finnigan lncos® XL, Thermo/Finnigan 4000 with PPINICI, Thermo/Finnigan 4500 with PPINICI, Thermo/Finnigan 4600 with PPINICI, Thermo/Finnigan 5100 with PPINICI, Thermo/Finnigan OWA® 1020/5100