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Labeled Reagent Bottles

Wheaton Labeled Reagent Bottles
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Specially designed polypropylene pouring lip makes it impossible for a drip to form. Natural polyolefin cap liner provides a tight seal and protects the pouring surface from dust and dirt. The liner is snapped into place rather than glued, eliminating the possibility of contamination. Since the liner is free to rotate, while uncapping, the liner is lifted rather than scraped across the lip of the bottle. This feature provides longer life for both liner and lip. Sloping shoulders allow easy filing, cleaning and safer pouring without surge.

Wheaton "400" borosilicate glass (meets USP Type I standards) protects from contamination and rises in pH caused by alkali which can be extracted from ordinary soda lime glass. Autoclavable.

  • Ideal for field sampling and general lab use
  • Easily transportable from the field to the lab
  • Manufactured by Wheaton to the highest standards of quality and precision
  • Convenience packed - 1-4 dozen bottles per carton
  • Closures are attached in our Cleanpack facility ensuring safety and cleanliness
Wheaton Labeled Reagent Bottles, Screw Cap Size=33-430, pkg of=6
Part No. Size (mL)Diameter (mm)Height (mm) Quantity
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