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Micro-Mesh® Micro-Gloss

Micro-Mesh® Micro-Gloss
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Price: 6.7
Product ID : 3MG2
3MG4 Options=MICRO GLOSS - 4 OZ CRYSTALS & POLISH.; MIL SPEC N5350-01-334-8997 3MG2 Options=MICRO GLOSS - 2 OZ CRYSTALS & POLISH.; MIL SPEC N5350-01-334-8997 3MG128 Options=MICRO GLOSS 1 GALLON CS IS 4 GALLON. CRYSTALS & POLISH.; MIL SPEC N5350-01-334-8997 3MG8 Options=MICRO GLOSS 8 OZ CRYSTALS & POLISH, MIL SPEC N5350-01-334-8997


Micro-Gloss a general all purpose water-based liquid abrasive which uses a one micron aluminum oxide abrasive crystal to achieve a fine finish on acrylics, plastics, polycarbonate, fiberglass, wood, silver, gold, copper, brass, paint urethanes, lacquers, and polyesters to name a few. This unique liquid removed hairline scratches, haziness, and halos untouched by other products. Contains no filler or wax that could cause yellowing. Remove scratches and imperfections with Micro-Gloss and buff back to optical clarity. Micro-Gloss will remove a 4000 Micro-Mesh or 1500 CAMI scratch pattern. Approved as safe for use on inside and outside surfaces of F-16 aircraft. Approved for use by Boeing, Spec D6-52021. Use by hand or machine with a TufBuf lambs wool polishing pad or foam sponge pad. Available in 2 oz., 4 oz., 8 oz., and gallon containers.

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