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Wheaton Lab 45s Bottles
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Graduated bottles are ideal for fluids, dry chemicals, and other materials in the lab.

Manufactured from chemically durable, gas-impervious borosilicate glass (meets USP Type I standards).  Fluids are protected from a change in pH caused by an ingress of oxygen and C02 and by glass dissolution which can occur rapidly with ordinary glass.

Wide mouth eliminates fluid surge during pouring and sloping shoulders facilitate complete drainage.  Fluid will not run down the outside of the bottle because of its plastic lip. Available with attached white polypropylene screw cap with a wedge-shaped inner sealing ring (240726) and polypropylene pour ring (240756).

  • Ideal for fluids, dry chemicals and other lab materials
  • Easily transportable from the field to the lab
  • Manufactured by Wheaton to the highest standards of quality and precision
  • Convenience packed - 1-4 dozen bottles per carton
  • Closures are attached in our Cleanpack facility ensuring safety and cleanliness
Description=Wheaton Bottle Lab 45s Graduated, Material=Glass Clear, CAP=white polypropylene, Cap Size=45, Package of=12
Part No. Capacity (mL)Width (mm)Height (mm) Price
219925 10056109 CALL20 or more: 10% off; 50 or more: 15% off.
219929 50086186 $167.3320 or more: 10% off; 50 or more: 15% off.
219930 1000101233 $210.5220 or more: 10% off; 50 or more: 15% off.
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