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Clear Wide Mouth Ground Glass Stoppered Bottles

Wheaton Clear Wide Mouth Ground Glass Stoppered Bottles
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New Wide Mouthed Ground Glass Stoppered Bottles are ideal for solids and viscous liquids. Bottles feature an unique design which facilitates easy cleaning with a lab brush or when placed in a dishwasher.

Ground stoppers are octagon-shaped and interchangeable. Fluids will not run down the outside of the bottle because of the specially designed rim.

Wheaton "400" borosilicate glass (meets USP Type I standards).

  • Ideal for field sampling and general lab use
  • Easily transportable from the field to the lab
  • Manufactured by Wheaton to the highest standards of quality and precision
  • Convenience packed - 1-4 dozen bottles per carton
  • Closures are attached in our Cleanpack facility ensuring safety and cleanliness
Wheaton Clear Wide Mouth Ground Glass Stoppered Bottles
Part No. Capacity (mL)Diameter (mm)Height with stopper (mm)Stopper Sizepkg of Quantity
In Stock
W216015 1005411029/226 DISCONTINUED ---20 or more: 10% off; 50 or more: 15% off.---
216017 2507214034/2310 DISCONTINUED------
216019 5008917545/2710 DISCONTINUED------
216020 100010921560/4610 DISCONTINUED------
216021 200013526060/466 DISCONTINUED------
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