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Mass Spectrometry - Supplies for the Perkin Elmer MS

Scientific Instrument Services offer a wide range of supplies and services for the Perkin Elmer mass spectrometers. If an item is not listed, please contact us and we will try to add it our product line.

  • Electron MultipliersElectron Multipliers
    Scientific Instrument Services, Inc. provides replacement detectors for your mass spectrometer. Multipliers are from the top manufacturers.
  • MS FilamentsMS Filaments
    SIS manufactures PE Filaments.
  • MS HeaterMS Heater
    The source heaters for the Perkin Elmer Q Mass 900 and 910 instruments are available.
  • MS SensorMS Sensor
    Replacement temperature sensor.
  • Filament/Heater RepairFilament/Heater Repair
    All RMU filaments and heaters are repairable.
  • Source CleaningSource Cleaning
    Scientific Instrument Services provides a mass spectrometer source cleaning service. We can expertly clean and service most models of mass spectrometer sources including filament repair. Fast turn-around of repairs. Inner and Outer sources can be cleaned by SIS.