Perkin Elmer Q-Mass Heater

Perkin Elmer Q-Mass Heater
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Price: 60
Product ID : SC181900
SC181910 Diameter (in)=1/4 PE Q-Mass Heater, Voltage=24, Watts=20 SC181900 Diameter (in)=3/16 PE Q-Mass Heater, Voltage=6, Watts=10

Q Mass 900

The source heater for the Perkin Elmer Q Mass 900 instrument are available from S.I.S. Part number SC181900 is 3/16" diameter and is rated at 6 volts, 10 watts and 1.0" long.

Q Mass 910

The source heater for the Perkin Elmer Q Mass 910 instruments are available from S.I.S. The SC181910 is 1/4" diameter and is rated at 24 volts, 20 watts and 1.0" long.
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