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E2M1.5 Two Stage Rotary Pump

E2M1.5 Two Stage Rotary Pump
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Price: 2589
Product ID : A37122902P
HPP7011MSD Options=EDWARDS PUMP E2M1.5 MSD MSD SPECIAL POWER CORD|Voltage=220 V A37122919P Options=EDWARDS E2M1.5 Pump|Voltage=220 V HPP7011 Options=EDWARDS VACUUM PUMP E2M1.5 FOR HPP7 PROBE SYSTEM|Voltage=110 V A37122902P Options=EDWARDS E2M1.5 Pump|Voltage=110 V


This miniature two stage pump features an alternative inlet connection position at the side of the pump so that overall installation height can be reduced to a minimum when required. The interstage version features an additional pumping port to provide a rough vacuum for auxiliary duties. This pump is widely used on mass spectrometers including the Agilent/HP 5971, 5972, 5973, 5975, and 5977.


Technical Data
Number of Stages 2
Displacement (swept volume) 60 Hz 1.3 ft 3min-1 (2.2 m3h-1)
Speed (Pneurop 6602) 60 Hz 1.2 ft 3min-1 (2.0 m3h-1)
Ultimate vacuum (total pressure)
-gas ballast closed
-with gas ballast

1.1x 10-3 torr (2.5 x 10-3mbar)
1.9 x 10-2 torr (2.5 x 10-2mbar)
Inlet connection NW10 flange
Outlet connection Nozzle 11 mm external diameter removable from hole tapped 3/8" BSP
Maximum allowed pressure at outlet 7 psig (0.5 bar gauge)
Maximum inlet pressure for water vapor 11 torr (15 mbar)
Maximum water vapor pumping rate 0.16 kgh -1
Motor power 60 Hz 1/4 hp (0.16 kW)
Noise 54dB(A)
Oil Capacity – maximum
- minimum
0.28 liter
0.20 liter
Weight 22 lbs (10 kg)
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