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Koby Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filters/Purifiers

Removes Contaminants From Vacuum Pump Exhausts
  • Low Pressure DisposableLow Pressure Disposable
    Koby filter provides high efficiency filtration at low operating pressures with minimal pressure drop.
  • High Pressure DisposableHigh Pressure Disposable
    Koby Filters are used to remove heavy concentrates of vapors, aerosols, and particulates from compressed air and vacuum air.
  • Mini DisposableMini Disposable
    Small, compact air filter/purifier is specifically designed to remove trace contaminants from compressed air, or gas.
  • Quick Change Final Filter PurifiersQuick Change Final Filter Purifiers
    Highly efficient units scrub the air free of typical compressed air contaminants such as oil vapor, oil mist, moisure droplets, fine particle, odors, andother foreign matter.
  • Noise MufflersNoise Mufflers
    Disposable Noise Muffler Air Purifiers help reduce excessive noise levels within OSHA standards. In addition, units remove unwanted contaminants from exhaust air and intake air.
  • Vacuum Pump In-Line Air PurifiersVacuum Pump In-Line Air Purifiers
    Disposable Vacuum Pump In-Line Air Purifiers, Models VP-100, VP-200, VP-300, VP-400, are specifically designed to remove harmful organic vapors, aerosols, fine particles, and other foreign matter from vacuum air and compressed air. Units prevent pollution of laboratory and industrial work environments. Models 250-JCB, 500-SKB, MF-4SKCB, Vacuum Pump In-line Air Purifiers are recommended for installation after mercury filled manometers, instruments and other calibration equipment.


Koby Air Purifiers are installed on exhaust ports of roughing pumps to adsorb remaining compressed air contaminants such as oil aerosols, oil vapors, certain other hydrocarbon vapors, and trace moisture. They also trap all foreign solid particles such as dirt, dust, rust, and pipe scale down to 0.5 microns in size. In addition, Koby Air Purifiers can be used for efficient adsorption and removal of organic vapors and aerosols, noxious odors, certain foreign gases and bacteria, and are effective in removing certain inorganic vapors and aerosols from compressed air and vacuum air.

The Koby Charcoal Filters are highly recommended to be placed on the exhaust of vacuum pumps that are normally vented directly into the laboratory. SIS has undertaken extensive studies on the application and efficiency of the Koby filters when used on vacuum pump exhausts. Vacuum exhaust air which is exhausted through the Koby filter, has been shown to be cleaner than normal room air.

It is normally recommended that the Koby carbon filters be used in conjunction with an oil mist eliminator. The oil mist eliminator traps and returns the oil to the vacuum pump, preventing this oil from saturating the charcoal filter which will reduce its life. The Koby Air Purifier removes any remaining contamination which might otherwise be emitted into the laboratory air. However in applications where the gas ballast valve is not used and large volumes of air are not purged through the vacuum pump, the Koby trap can be attached directly to the vacuum pump.

Koby Charcoal Filter Mounted on a Vacuum Pump Exhaust


  • Purifies Exhaust Gases from Vacuum Pumps
  • Adsorbs Organic Vapors and Small Particles
  • 50 Grams of Activated Charcoal in Each Trap
  • High Efficiency Filtration
  • Minimal Pressure Drop
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Maintenance Free
  • Completely Disposable
  • Pressure Safe to 90 PSI
  • Easily Installed and Replaced
  • Equalizes Air Flow
  • Helps Maintain Safe Working Environment
  • ¼" NPT Brass Male Fittings


Effect of Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filtering

The chart above shows the steps in filtering air from a vacuum pump after 1.0 mL of gasoline was injected into the pump. The top chromatograph shows the low boiling organics as well as high boiling hydrocarbons that are exhausted out of the vacuum pump before any filtering. The second chromatogram shows the exhaust air after the oil mist eliminator - the oil mist eliminator traps the heavy hydrocarbons from the pump oil and returns them to the pump. The bottom chromatogram shows the exhaust air after it is filtered through the Koby trap - the exhaust air is cleaner than the normal room air.


Adsorption Capacity

The carbon used in the manufacture of Koby Air Purifiers has a huge internal and external surface area with an affinity for adsorbing organic contaminants. Each gram of carbon has a surface area of approximately 1500 sq. meters, making Koby Air Purifiers particularly efficient for most air purification and gas phase applications.

Actual Adsorption capacity can be as high as 80% of carbon weight depending on the specific compound being removed. Generally (but not always), adsorption capacity of activated carbon increases with molecular weight, boiling point, and concentration of contaminants. Compounds with low molecular weights, and or highly polar compounds will not be sufficiently adsorbed at low concentrations.

General List of Contaminants removed by Koby Vacuum Pump In-Line Air Filter/Purifiers (VP Series)

Contaminants Initial Removal Efficiency % of Carbon Weight
Adsorbed for Individual
Oil Mist 99.99% 50 - 60%
Oil Aerosols 99.99% 50 - 60%
Oil Vapors 99.9% 50 - 60%
Hydrocarbon Vapors 99.99% 50 - 60%
Moisture Droplets 99.99% 30 - 50%
Dust To 0.5 microns N/A
Dirt to 0.5 microns N/A
Pipe Scale to 0.5 microns N/A
Rust to 0.5 microns N/A
Fine Particles to 0.5 microns N/A
Odors Until Noticeable N/A
Organic Solvent Vapors Until Noticeable 15 - 45%
Trace Organic Gases Until Noticeable 15 - 45%
Toxic Vapors Until Noticeable 15 - 45%
Mercury Vapors See Mercury Removal N/A
Water Vapor Limited2 30 - 50%
Bulk Liquid Water Not Removed N/A
Bulk Liquid Oil Not Removed N/A

Note: - List of contaminants above apply only to M1N, M2N, KF2, and DF0.

1. If more than one contaminant is present in airstream, the percent of carbon wight adsorbed for individual contaminants will vary.
2. Koby air Purifiers will no lower the dewpoint, but will remove enough water vapor to help prevent the formation of condensates at point of air use. Desiccant adsorbents are available to provide outlet pressure dewpoints to -100 °F.
N/A - not applicable

Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filters

The Koby air purifiers can be mounted in various configurations depending on your vacuum system requirements. The air purifier can be fitted with a QF25100SP25 fitting to enable it to mount directly on top of the exhaust port on the Adixen vacuum pump. The rubber flap should be removed from the vacuum pump exhaust port.

The Koby air purifier does not need to be placed directly on top of the vacuum pump. In many systems where space is limited, it is more convenient to attach a hose to the pump exhaust port and then using a KF-1, KF-2, or KF-3 fitting, adapt the Koby air purifier to fit the hose. It is also practical, using these same fittings, to run a hose or vacuum line from the top or exit nipple of the air purifier to exhaust any remaining contaminants to a hood or building exhaust system.

Purifier Life

Koby Air Purifiers do not have a visual change element and must be replaced periodically to insure efficient adsorption and filtration of compressed air impurities. For best performance, filters should be replaced after 30 days of use or sooner, when air sampling indicates outward air quality has reached an unacceptable level. Actual purifier life can vary depending on flow rate, concentration of contaminants, and operation temperature. Purifiers will not deteriorate when not in use.