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Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter Kits for Edwards Vacuum Pumps - FK251

Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter Kits for Edwards Vacuum Pumps - FK251
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Price: 436.8
Product ID : FK251
FK251 Edwards Small Pump Filter Kit


for Edwards Pumps Models E2M0.7, E2M1, E2M1.5

Removes Contaminants From Vacuum Pump Exhaust

Vacuum Pump Exhaust Kit mounted on an Edwards E2M1.5 Pump

The Pump filter Kit for the Edwards Pump includes the Oil Mist Eliminator, Koby Charcoal Trap and all the fittings needed to attach this two filter system on the Edwards series of vacuum pumps. Included is the 3/8 Pump Adaptor which screws into the exhaust port of the vacuum pump. The oil mist eliminator then attaches to the NW10 flange on this fitting. This kit is to be used with Edwards models E2M0.7, E2M1 and E2M1.5 vacuum pumps. It can also be used with any other manufacturers pumps that have an NW10 flange type fitting on the exhaust port.

FK251 Filter Kit Assembly

Assembly of the Two-Stage Exhaust Filter System
Part # KA1
Koby Charcoal Filter
Part # QF16075CW
NW16 Quick Clamp
Part # QF10050AP25
1/4" to NW10 Adaptor
Part # QF10050ARB
Centering Ring
Part # A46220000
  • Oil Mist Eliminator
  • Centering Ring
  • Connect Clamp
  • Pump Adaptor


Components of the Edwards Vacuum Pump Exhaust Kit - Part # FK251
Quant. Part # Description
1 A46220000 Edwards Oil Mist Eliminator, 1 Centering Ring, 1 Clamp & 1 Pump Adaptor
1 KA1 Koby Charcoal Filter
1 QF10050AP25 Aluminum 1/4 Pipe to NW10 Flange Adaptor
1 QF10050ARB Aluminum Centering Ring, NW10, Buna O Ring
1 QF16075CW Quick connect Clamp, NW16, Wingnut


General Information on SIS Exhaust Systems

The Koby Charcoal Filters are highly recommended to be placed on the exhaust of vacuum pumps that are normally vented directly into the laboratory.  SIS has undertaken extensive studies on the application and efficiency of the Koby filters when used on vacuum pump exhausts. Vacuum exhaust air which is exhausted  through the Koby filter, has been shown to be cleaner than normal room air.

Figure # 1 - Effect of Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filtering

The chart above shows the steps in filtering air from a vacuum pump after 1.0 ml of gasoline was injected into the pump.  The top chromatograph shows the low boiling organics as well as high boiling hydrocarbons that are exhausted out of the vacuum pump before any filtering.  The second chromatogram shows the exhaust air after the oil mist eliminator - the oil mist eliminator traps the heavy hydrocarbons from the pump oil and returns them to the pump.  The bottom chromatogram shows the exhaust air after it is filtered through the Koby trap - the exhaust air is cleaner than the normal room air.

For additional information and the results of our studies visit the SIS Application Notes on Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filters:

It is normally recommended that the Koby carbon filters  be used in conjunction with an oil mist eliminator. The oil mist eliminator traps and returns the vacuum pump oil to the vacuum pump, preventing this oil from saturating the charcoal filter which will reduce its life. The Koby Air Purifier removes any remaining organic contamination which might otherwise be emitted into the laboratory air.

Kits for Other Vacuum Pumps are also available from SIS.

Oil Mist Eliminators and Koby Filters can also be purchased separately from SIS

Extra Information


Edwards Vacuum Pump Kit (Kit FK251) contains the Edwards Oil Mist Eliminator, Koby Filter and the fittings shown above.  This kit is all you need to install the complete two stage exhaust filter to your Edwards vacuum pump models E1M5/8, E2M3/5/8 and the RV3/5/8.

Maintenance Accessories:  

Koby Charcoal Filters (KA1) -   It is recommended that the Koby Charcoal Traps be changed monthly to assure the highest efficiency of exhaust filtering.  But in lots of 10 or more and save.

Replacement Filters for Edwards EMF3 (A22304197) Oil Mist Eliminator (A46220000) - It is recommended that the paper filter in the Edwards Oil Mist Eliminator is changed yearly, or more frequently if very caustic materials are pumped through the vacuum pump.

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