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Vacuum Pump Repair Service Request

Vacuum pump repair service is offered by Scientific Instrument Services, Inc. in cooperation with Eagle Instrument Services. If you have a vacuum pump that needs repair, please fill in the form below. A response should be expected within 1-2 business days.

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Description of our service

Eagle Instrument Services realizes that pump failure is costly to productivity. We strive to keep cost reasonable and down time to a minimum. Every pump serviced by Eagle is disassembled, carefully cleaned and thoroughly inspected by trained technicians. An overhaul is then preformed replacing all seals and other consumable parts. Any major parts such as rotors, vanes, stators and shafts that do not meet OEM specifications are then written up and submitted for your approval. We then test your pump for 72 hours making certain it performs to OEM standards. All pumps serviced by Eagle include a One Year New Parts Warranty beginning the date it leaves our facility.

Shipping Instructions

Eagle’s repair facility is centrally located in Louisville KY. Pick up and delivery is available if you are located approximately 75 miles from Louisville, Ky or South Bend, Indiana. Shipping crates are also available upon request.

Eagle Instrument Services
Attn: Receiving
443 Downes Terrace
Louisville, KY 40214

Before shipping

  • Drain the oil from mechanical pumps
  • Remove any fittings or accessories.
  • Cover inlets to keep particulates from getting into the pump.
  • Fill out the Hazardous Materials Form
  • Please package the pump securely. All pumps should be surrounded by packing material to ensure they do not shift unnecessarily in shipping.
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