Gold Wire - Filament and Heater Material

Catalog A31


Gold Wire, 24K, 99399% Pure.  High purity gold wire for a wide range of uses including gasket fabrication and sputter coating and other scientific applications. Not for food consumption.

Gold Wire (24K, 99.99% pure)
Part No. Diameter (in)Diameter (mm)(ohms/cm) Price
W351 0.0200.500.00120 $156.00
W352 0.0250.640.00073 $246.00
W353 0.0310.790.00048 $315.00
W354 0.0401.00.00030 $582.00


This product is intended to be used solely for industrial purposes. Under no circumstance is this product intended for human consumption. Scientific Instrument Services makes no representation or warranties with respect to, and shall not be liable or responsible for any injuries arising from or caused by, the consumption or use of this product, or any part or portion of thereof, for medicinal purposes or for any other intended use.

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