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Thermo DEP Filaments

Thermo DEP Filaments
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Price: 115
Product ID : FINDEP
FINDEP3 Options=Ribbon Style DEP Filament FINDEP1 Options=Large Loop DEP Filament FINDEP Options=S.I.S. Thermo DEP Filament FINDEP2 Options=Glass Encapsulated DEP Filament


New Direct Exposure Probe filaments, Thermo #40060-98006, are available from S.I.S. for use on Thermo 4000 and 4500 mass specs. These are direct retrofits for the original plug-in filaments. Repair service, which includes ceramic insulator, cleaning and attachment of a new filament loop, is also available.

SIS also offers a variety of other filament designs for use on the Thermo probe. FINDEP1 has a larger loop diameter of .031". FINDEP2 is a glass encapsulated loop. This provides a metal-free surface for your samples. FINDEP3 utilizes a filament ribbon for easy sample loading.

These filaments can also be repaired by S.I.S.

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