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Ametek/Dycor RGA Filament

Ametek/Dycor RGA Filament
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Price: 398.64
Product ID : 95381VE
95381VE Direct Replacement Filament for the Ametek/Dycor RGA leak detector and quadrupole instruments


S.I.S.™ is proud to offer a direct replacement filament for the Ametek/Dycor RGA leak detector and quadrupole instruments. This is a thoriated iridium filament that has a platinum tab that tests show yields a longer service life.

This filament replaces the filaments on the following Ametek/Dycor quadrupoles: Model M102, M106, M106M, M206, M206M, DM106, DM106M, DM206, DM206M, DM306, DM306M.

These filaments are replacements for Dycor RGA instruments that use the sources with the Model M102 filament including M and MA series such as M100, M100M, M200, M200M, MA200, MA200M, etc., System 1000 (D-series), Quadlink Series (such as Q100, Q200, etc.), LC-Series (such as LC-100, LC100M, LC200, etc.) and Dymaxion Series with open source heads only, beginning with DM.

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