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MS Filaments Manufactured by SIS

Scientific Instrument Services by Adaptas is a world leader in the repair and manufacture of filaments for mass spectrometers and other scientific instruments. Our manufacturing capabilities include filament design, vacuum brazing, filament spot-welding, laser welding, and high purity cleaning of the filament assemblies. In addition to the filaments listed we can design and manufacture filaments for your application and do repairs.

  • AgilentAgilent
    Replacement filaments for your Agilent/HP mass spectrometer
  • Ametek/DycorAmetek/Dycor
    Direct replacement filament for the Ametek/Dycor RGA leak detector and quadrupole instruments
  • Perkin ElmerPerkin Elmer
    SIS manufactures PE Filaments.
  • ShimadzuShimadzu
    Replacement filaments for your Shimadzu mass spectrometer
  • ThermoThermo
    Replacement filaments for your Thermo mass spectrometer
  • VGVG
    VG and Vestec Mass Spec filaments by SIS
  • Varian SaturnVarian Saturn
    Quality replacement filaments for your Ion Trap mass spectrometer. For Saturn model 2000, 2100, 2200 series
  • VG Fab TipsVG Fab Tips
    Standard and custom FAB probe tips from SIS
  • WatersWaters
    Replacement filaments for your Waters mass spectrometer
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