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This kit is designed to restore up to 100 square feet of acrylic. Great for acrylic windscreens, doors, hatches and port holes.  Use with power tools to remove scratches and haze.  To remove severe scratches or crazing, we recommend out Heavy Damage Removal Kit listed above.

For use on windows, hatches, and any acrylic surface

Tools Required:

(1) Random orbital sander or power drill for use with Micro-Mesh®

(1) Right angle polisher, (rated at approximately 2500 rpm) or power drill for use with TufBuf® polishing pad and white foam pad

(1) Spray bottle - approximately 10 ounce capacity (for clean water)

List of Contents:

(2) 1500 Micro-Mesh 5" discs (1) White Sponge pad

(2) 2400 Micro-Mesh 5" discs (1) 8 ounce Micro-Gloss

(2) 3600 Micro-Mesh 5" discs (1) 8 ounce Anti-Static Cream

(1) TufBuf Polishing pad (1) Instructions

(1) Back-up pad, 4.75" diameter (2) Flannel Cloths

Preparing for the Best Results:

1. To avoid scratching plastic surfaces, do not wear watches, rings or bracelets. Long fingernails should be covered with gloves.

2. Always keep the work surface and restoral materials clean as contamination can cause scratches.

3. Work with adequate light on the side opposite your restoral side. For better viewing on non-transparent surfaces, place the light at an angle.

4. Read the restoral instructions carefully and review the kit contents before starting.

The Process:

1. Spray the surface with water. Using the random orbital sander or power drill with the soft back-up pad provided, begin with the 1500 Micro-Mesh. Cover the entire surface of the transparency with long, sweeping motions. At regular intervals, change the directions of sweep to perpendicular of the previous motion. The damage is removed when all that can be seen is the pattern left by the Micro-Mesh. This process should take approximately 3-5 minutes per square foot. If after this amount of time the damage remains, it may be necessary to remove it using our Heavy Damage Removal Kit.

2. Change to 2400 Micro-Mesh and repeat to remove the 1500 scratches. Always be sure to keep the surface wet when working with Micro-Mesh discs.

3. Change to 3600 Micro-Mesh and repeat the above process to remove the 2400 scratches.

4. Attach the TufBuf polishing pad to the right angle polisher or power drill. Wt the surface with water. Apply approximately 1 tablespoon of Micro-Gloss and buff for 2-4 minutes.

5. Attach the whit foam sponge pad and repeat step 4. Rinse the surface off with water. Wipe clean with a dry flannel cloth. All fine scratches should be gone. If not, repeat the buffing process.

6. Apply Anti-Static Cream sparingly to the surface, using a clean dry, flannel cloth. Polish surface by hand t remove the static charge that has built up during the process. Clean TufBuf, Sponge pad, and flannels with mild detergent and rinse for future use.



06/01/02 - clear seas acrylic scratch removal kit instructions