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Guideline for Making Belts with Micro-Mesh® Abrasives


Recommended procedures and guidelines for the refinishing of acrylic plastics

1. MICRO-MESH and MICRO-MESH MX abrasive products are cloth backed
cushioned abrasives. There are no chemical treatments of any kind on our cloth
backed materials. Therefore there is no need to scuff the backs of splicing area
before beginning splicing operation.

2. We recommend butt splices only, as other types of splices can cause uneven finishes.

3. A bias cut of 45, 55, or 67 degrees is recommended for a splice.

4. Do not attempt to scythe joints with MICRO-MESH or MX abrasives, it is
unnecessary and will damage the belt.

5. The splicing tapes to be used can vary according to customers needs or grit of abrasive

Mylar tape (non-frozen and non-adhesive) - Glue both tape and splice. Wait until
dry before adhering to splice area.

Polyester/Mylar tape (frozen) - Glue splice joint; wait until dry and apply tape to glued
splice area.

6. Heat and pressure are required to assure a complete bonding. Usually 250 degrees
with firm pressure for 10 seconds (consult with tape manufacturer for further