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Micro-Mesh® Camshaft/Crankshaft Tape

Micro-Mesh® Camshaft/Crankshaft Tape
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When engine manufacturers are expected to meet strict criteria and performance objectives, Micro-Mesh® is the proven choice for the job. Micro-Mesh 600MX is the preferred abrasive for this task, achieving in most cases better surface roughness averages by 1 micro inch and improved bearing ratios up to 10 percent. If indexed properly, Micro-Mesh can polish up to 5 cams/crankshafts more than competitive products. Micro-Mesh tapes are 500 foot in length and are wound onto a keyed 5/16"e; core.


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Micro-Mesh Tapes, 500ft
Part No. GritWidth Quantity
In Stock
60MX58 60MX5/8" DISCONTINUED------
80MX58 80MX5/8" DISCONTINUED------
100MX58 100MX5/8" DISCONTINUED------
120MX58 120MX5/8" DISCONTINUED------
150MX58 150MX5/8" DISCONTINUED------
180MX58 180MX5/8" DISCONTINUED------
240MX58 240MX5/8" DISCONTINUED------
320MX58 320MX5/8" DISCONTINUED------
360MX58 360MX5/8" DISCONTINUED------
400MX58 400MX5/8" DISCONTINUED------
600MX58 600MX5/8" DISCONTINUED------
800MX58 800MX5/8" DISCONTINUED------
1200MX58 1200MX5/8" DISCONTINUED------
60MX34 60MX3/4" DISCONTINUED------
80MX34 80MX3/4" DISCONTINUED------
100MX34 100MX3/4" DISCONTINUED------
120MX34 120MX3/4" DISCONTINUED------
150MX34 150MX3/4" DISCONTINUED------
180MX34 180MX3/4" DISCONTINUED------
240MX34 240MX3/4" DISCONTINUED------
320MX34 320MX3/4" DISCONTINUED------
360MX34 360MX3/4" DISCONTINUED------
400MX34 400MX3/4" DISCONTINUED------
600MX34 600MX3/4" DISCONTINUED------
800MX34 800MX3/4" DISCONTINUED------
1200MX34 1200MX3/4" DISCONTINUED------
60MX2532 60MX25/32" DISCONTINUED------
80MX2532 80MX25/32" DISCONTINUED------
100MX2532 100MX25/32" DISCONTINUED------
120MX2532 120MX25/32" DISCONTINUED------
150MX2532 150MX25/32" DISCONTINUED------
180MX2532 180MX25/32" DISCONTINUED------
240MX2532 240MX25/32" DISCONTINUED------
320MX2532 320MX25/32" DISCONTINUED------
360MX2532 360MX25/32" DISCONTINUED------
400MX2532 400MX25/32" DISCONTINUED------
600MX2532 600MX25/32" DISCONTINUED------
800MX2532 800MX25/32" DISCONTINUED------
1200MX2532 1200MX25/32" DISCONTINUED------
60MX1316 60MX13/16" DISCONTINUED------
80MX1316 80MX13/16" DISCONTINUED------
100MX1316 100MX13/16" DISCONTINUED------
120MX1316 120MX13/16" DISCONTINUED------
150MX1316 150MX13/16" DISCONTINUED------
180MX1316 180MX13/16" DISCONTINUED------
240MX1316 240MX13/16" DISCONTINUED------
320MX1316 320MX13/16" DISCONTINUED------
360MX1316 360MX13/16" DISCONTINUED------
400MX1316 400MX13/16" DISCONTINUED------
600MX1316 600MX13/16" DISCONTINUED------
800MX1316 800MX13/16" DISCONTINUED------
1200MX1316 1200MX13/16" DISCONTINUED------
60MX78 60MX7/8" DISCONTINUED------
80MX78 80MX7/8" DISCONTINUED------
100MX78 100MX7/8" DISCONTINUED------
120MX78 120MX7/8" DISCONTINUED------
150MX78 150MX7/8" DISCONTINUED------
180MX78 180MX7/8" DISCONTINUED------
240MX78 240MX7/8" DISCONTINUED------
320MX78 320MX7/8" DISCONTINUED------
360MX78 360MX7/8" DISCONTINUED------
400MX78 400MX7/8" DISCONTINUED------
600MX78 600MX7/8" DISCONTINUED------
800MX78 800MX7/8" DISCONTINUED------
1200MX78 1200MX7/8" DISCONTINUED------
60MX5764 60MX57/64" DISCONTINUED------
80MX5764 80MX57/64" DISCONTINUED------
100MX5764 100MX57/64" DISCONTINUED------
120MX5764 120MX57/64" DISCONTINUED------
150MX5764 150MX57/64" DISCONTINUED------
180MX5764 180MX57/64" DISCONTINUED------
240MX5764 240MX57/64" DISCONTINUED------
320MX5764 320MX57/64" DISCONTINUED------
360MX5764 360MX57/64" DISCONTINUED------
400MX5764 400MX57/64" DISCONTINUED------
600MX5764 600MX57/64" DISCONTINUED------
800MX5764 800MX57/64" DISCONTINUED------
1200MX5764 1200MX57/64" DISCONTINUED------
60MX2932 60MX29/32" DISCONTINUED------
80MX2932 80MX29/32" DISCONTINUED------
100MX2932 100MX29/32" DISCONTINUED------
120MX2932 120MX29/32" DISCONTINUED------
150MX2932 150MX29/32" DISCONTINUED------
180MX2932 180MX29/32" DISCONTINUED------
240MX2932 240MX29/32" DISCONTINUED------
320MX2932 320MX29/32" DISCONTINUED------
360MX2932 360MX29/32" DISCONTINUED------
400MX2932 400MX29/32" DISCONTINUED------
600MX2932 600MX29/32" DISCONTINUED------
800MX2932 800MX29/32" DISCONTINUED------
1200MX2932 1200MX29/32" DISCONTINUED------
60MX1516 60MX15/16" DISCONTINUED------
80MX1516 80MX15/16" DISCONTINUED------
100MX1516 100MX15/16" DISCONTINUED------
120MX1516 120MX15/16" DISCONTINUED------
150MX1516 150MX15/16" DISCONTINUED------
180MX1516 180MX15/16" DISCONTINUED------
240MX1516 240MX15/16" DISCONTINUED------
320MX1516 320MX15/16" DISCONTINUED------
360MX1516 360MX15/16" DISCONTINUED------
400MX1516 400MX15/16" DISCONTINUED------
600MX1516 600MX15/16" DISCONTINUED------
800MX1516 800MX15/16" DISCONTINUED------
1200MX1516 1200MX15/16" DISCONTINUED------
60MX3132 60MX31/32" DISCONTINUED------
80MX3132 80MX31/32" DISCONTINUED------
100MX3132 100MX31/32" DISCONTINUED------
120MX3132 120MX31/32" DISCONTINUED------
150MX3132 150MX31/32" DISCONTINUED------
180MX3132 180MX31/32" DISCONTINUED------
240MX3132 240MX31/32" DISCONTINUED------
320MX3132 320MX31/32" DISCONTINUED------
360MX3132 360MX31/32" DISCONTINUED------
400MX3132 400MX31/32" DISCONTINUED------
600MX3132 600MX31/32" DISCONTINUED------
800MX3132 800MX31/32" DISCONTINUED------
1200MX3132 1200MX31/32" DISCONTINUED------
100MX1 100MX1" DISCONTINUED------
120MX1 120MX1" DISCONTINUED------
150MX1 150MX1" DISCONTINUED------
180MX1 180MX1" DISCONTINUED------
240MX1 240MX1" DISCONTINUED------
320MX1 320MX1" DISCONTINUED------
360MX1 360MX1" DISCONTINUED------
400MX1 400MX1" DISCONTINUED------
600MX1 600MX1" DISCONTINUED------
800MX1 800MX1" DISCONTINUED------
1200MX1 1200MX1" DISCONTINUED------
60MX1116 60MX1 1/16" DISCONTINUED------
80MX1116 80MX1 1/16" DISCONTINUED------
100MX1116 100MX1 1/16" DISCONTINUED------
120MX1116 120MX1 1/16" DISCONTINUED------
150MX1116 150MX1 1/16" DISCONTINUED------
180MX1116 180MX1 1/16" DISCONTINUED------
240MX1116 240MX1 1/16" DISCONTINUED------
320MX1116 320MX1 1/16" DISCONTINUED------
360MX1116 360MX1 1/16" DISCONTINUED------
400MX1116 400MX1 1/16" DISCONTINUED------
600MX1116 600MX1 1/16" DISCONTINUED------
800MX1116 800MX1 1/16" DISCONTINUED------
1200MX1116 1200MX1 1/16" DISCONTINUED------
60MX1332 60MX1 3/32" DISCONTINUED------
80MX1332 80MX1 3/32" DISCONTINUED------
100MX1332 100MX1 3/32" DISCONTINUED------
120MX1332 120MX1 3/32" DISCONTINUED------
150MX1332 150MX1 3/32" DISCONTINUED------
180MX1332 180MX1 3/32" DISCONTINUED------
240MX1332 240MX1 3/32" DISCONTINUED------
320MX1332 320MX1 3/32" DISCONTINUED------
360MX1332 360MX1 3/32" DISCONTINUED------
400MX1332 400MX1 3/32" DISCONTINUED------
600MX1332 600MX1 3/32" DISCONTINUED------
800MX1332 800MX1 3/32" DISCONTINUED------
1200MX1332 1200MX1 3/32" DISCONTINUED------
60MX118 60MX1 1/8" DISCONTINUED------
80MX118 80MX1 1/8" DISCONTINUED------
100MX118 100MX1 1/8" DISCONTINUED------
120MX118 120MX1 1/8" DISCONTINUED------
150MX118 150MX1 1/8" DISCONTINUED------
180MX118 180MX1 1/8" DISCONTINUED------
240MX118 240MX1 1/8" DISCONTINUED------
320MX118 320MX1 1/8" DISCONTINUED------
360MX118 360MX1 1/8" DISCONTINUED------
400MX118 400MX1 1/8" DISCONTINUED------
600MX118 600MX1 1/8" DISCONTINUED------
800MX118 800MX1 1/8" DISCONTINUED------
1200MX118 1200MX1 1/8" DISCONTINUED------
60MX1532 60MX1 5/32" DISCONTINUED------
80MX1532 80MX1 5/32" DISCONTINUED------
100MX1532 100MX1 5/32" DISCONTINUED------
120MX1532 120MX1 5/32" DISCONTINUED------
150MX1532 150MX1 5/32" DISCONTINUED------
180MX1532 180MX1 5/32" DISCONTINUED------
240MX1532 240MX1 5/32" DISCONTINUED------
320MX1532 320MX1 5/32" DISCONTINUED------
360MX1532 360MX1 5/32" DISCONTINUED------
400MX1532 400MX1 5/32" DISCONTINUED------
600MX1532 600MX1 5/32" DISCONTINUED------
800MX1532 800MX1 5/32" DISCONTINUED------
1200MX1532 1200MX1 5/32" DISCONTINUED------
60MX13160 60MX1 3/16" DISCONTINUED------
80MX13160 80MX1 3/16" DISCONTINUED------
100MX13160 100MX1 3/16" DISCONTINUED------
120MX13160 120MX1 3/16" DISCONTINUED------
150MX13160 150MX1 3/16" DISCONTINUED------
180MX13160 180MX1 3/16" DISCONTINUED------
240MX13160 240MX1 3/16" DISCONTINUED------
320MX13160 320MX1 3/16" DISCONTINUED------
360MX13160 360MX1 3/16" DISCONTINUED------
400MX13160 400MX1 3/16" DISCONTINUED------
600MX13160 600MX1 3/16" DISCONTINUED------
800MX13160 800MX1 3/16" DISCONTINUED------
1200MX13160 1200MX1 3/16" DISCONTINUED------
60MX114 60MX1 1/4" DISCONTINUED------
80MX114 80MX1 1/4" DISCONTINUED------
100MX114 100MX1 1/4" DISCONTINUED------
120MX114 120MX1 1/4" DISCONTINUED------
150MX114 150MX1 1/4" DISCONTINUED------
180MX114 180MX1 1/4" DISCONTINUED------
240MX114 240MX1 1/4" DISCONTINUED------
320MX114 320MX1 1/4" DISCONTINUED------
360MX114 360MX1 1/4" DISCONTINUED------
400MX114 400MX1 1/4" DISCONTINUED------
600MX114 600MX1 1/4" DISCONTINUED------
800MX114 800MX1 1/4" DISCONTINUED------
1200MX114 1200MX1 1/4" DISCONTINUED------
60MX15160 60MX1 5/16" DISCONTINUED------
80MX15160 80MX1 5/16" DISCONTINUED------
100MX15160 100MX1 5/16" DISCONTINUED------
120MX15160 120MX1 5/16" DISCONTINUED------
150MX15160 150MX1 5/16" DISCONTINUED------
180MX15160 180MX1 5/16" DISCONTINUED------
240MX15160 240MX1 5/16" DISCONTINUED------
320MX15160 320MX1 5/16" DISCONTINUED------
360MX15160 360MX1 5/16" DISCONTINUED------
400MX15160 400MX1 5/16" DISCONTINUED------
600MX15160 600MX1 5/16" DISCONTINUED------
800MX15160 800MX1 5/16" DISCONTINUED------
1200MX15160 1200MX1 5/16" DISCONTINUED------
60MX138 60MX1 3/8" DISCONTINUED------
80MX138 80MX1 3/8" DISCONTINUED------
100MX138 100MX1 3/8" DISCONTINUED------
120MX138 120MX1 3/8" DISCONTINUED------
150MX138 150MX1 3/8" DISCONTINUED------
180MX138 180MX1 3/8" DISCONTINUED------
240MX138 240MX1 3/8" DISCONTINUED------
320MX138 320MX1 3/8" DISCONTINUED------
360MX138 360MX1 3/8" DISCONTINUED------
400MX138 400MX1 3/8" DISCONTINUED------
600MX138 600MX1 3/8" DISCONTINUED------
800MX138 800MX1 3/8" DISCONTINUED------
1200MX138 1200MX1 3/8" DISCONTINUED------
60MX1716 60MX1 7/16" DISCONTINUED------
80MX1716 80MX1 7/16" DISCONTINUED------
100MX1716 100MX1 7/16" DISCONTINUED------
120MX1716 120MX1 7/16" DISCONTINUED------
150MX1716 150MX1 7/16" DISCONTINUED------
180MX1716 180MX1 7/16" DISCONTINUED------
240MX1716 240MX1 7/16" DISCONTINUED------
320MX1716 320MX1 7/16" DISCONTINUED------
360MX1716 360MX1 7/16" DISCONTINUED------
400MX1716 400MX1 7/16" DISCONTINUED------
600MX1716 600MX1 7/16" DISCONTINUED------
800MX1716 800MX1 7/16" DISCONTINUED------
1200MX1716 1200MX1 7/16" DISCONTINUED------