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The Burn Kit is  designed to be used by hand, this kit removes burn marks, scratches and scuffs to restore to a like new condition. Use this kit to restore up to 30 square feet of solid surface, cultured marble, fiberglass or plastic surfaces. 

List of Contents:

Micro-Mesh® 3" x 6" sheets: 1500, 1800, 2400, 3600, 4000, 6000, foam block, Micro-Gloss and 100% cotton flannel wipes.

General Guidelines for the use of Micro-Mesh on Cast Polymer, Solid Surface and Acrylic Finishes

Notes: Sanding without a foam block will produce rippled or distorted surface. To further avoid scratching the surface, do not wear watches, rings or bracelets.

Keep Micro-Mesh clean, contamination causes scratches When restoral is complete, rinse Micro-Mesh and flannel pieces in clan water, allow to air dry and return to the original packaging. Micro-Mesh is re-useable!

  1. Micro-Mesh can be used wet or dry, the best results are obtained when used wet. This will also help keep the surface cool and the abrasive flushed free of abraded particles.
  2. Use only 100 percent flannel for wiping the surface; avoid synthetics and paper towels, as these tend to cause scratches.
  3. Always work in a straight line pattern, crossing 90° when you change grades of material.
  4. Check the finish of the reworked area between steps; this will help in attaining a matching finish with the rest of the surface. (e.g. matte, satin, gloss)

Determine Extent of Damage and Starting Point

  • Deep Burns - Begin with 1500 Micro-Mesh
  • Minor Burns - Begin with 2400 Micro-Mesh
  • Discolorations - Begin with 3600 Micro-Mesh

Beginning Surface Restoration

1. Wrap Micro-Mesh around the foam block. Mist the surface with water, begin sanding in a straight line pattern using firm pressure, sand evenly over the entire area until the damage has been totally removed. After 3-5 minutes check your progress. DO NOT WORK IN A CIRCLUAR PATTERN. When damage is removed proceed t next step.

Note: This damage removal step is critical. If it is incomplete, the final results will not be satisfactory and will leave the surface with a hazy finish.

2. Proceed as directed above through all grades of Micro-Mesh included in the kit. Work an area slightly larger than the damage (at least 2 inches) with each consecutive step. Check for total removal of each scratch pattern prior to beginning the next step. Remember to change the sanding direction 90° with each new grade.

3. When you have finished with the final step in the Micro-Mesh series, and are satisfied with the surface appearance, clean the surface thoroughly with clean water.

4. Rinse the flannel in clean water and wrap it around the foam block. Apply a dime size drop of Micro-Gloss to the flannel. Rub briskly over the work area in a straight line pattern using firm pressure for 1-2 minutes until the Micro-Gloss has almost disappeared. Water may be misted on the surface to extend working time if needed. Spray with water and wipe entire surface clean and dry with the second flannel cloth.