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Micro-Mesh® TUFBUF Pads

Micro-Mesh® TUFBUF Pads
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Natural, black, lambswool polishing pad with loop backing, washable and reuseable. Affix to a hook faced back-up pad

Black Lamp TufBuf Polishing Pads designed to repair clear-coat finishes, TufBuf pads are made of the finest natural shearling lamb hides available. The Black Lamb is so durable, well-balances, and effective that major automotive manufacturers insist on it by name. Trademarked for your protection, don't settle for anything less than a Black Lamb.


  • Leaves Clear-coat finishes with less haze and swirl than conventional polishing pads.
  • More durable than conventional pads. Fibers can be compressed and still recover their natural shape.
  • The densest pile of any material.  Less shedding.  60,000 fibers per square inch versus 13,000 per square inch for synthetic pads.
  • Denser Pile surface distributes and applies material evenly and consistently.
  • Natural fibers are tapered with scales covering each fiber shaft. No splattering of applied materials - No scratch marks.
  • A variety of sizes available in durable Hook 'N Loop Backing.

Application and Use of TufBuf Pads

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Micro-Mesh TUFBUF Pad w/loop, Nap (in)=3/4
Part No. Diameter (in) Picture Quantity
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