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Micro-Mesh Sheets

Micro-Mesh Product Availability

Micro-Mesh is available in three grades (Regular - MX - AO), in a wide selection of Grits and in a wide variety of formats including sheets (for convenient use), rolls (for higher volume users), discs (for power tools), belts, tapes and others listed below.

Micro-Mesh Regular

  • Silicone carbide grit with standard backing
  • The standard grade of Micro-Mesh used for the majority of operations on plastics, paints, wood and most metals and polymers.  It is used to produce a uniformly smooth surface and bring the surface to a high gloss finish. 
  • Available in grades 1500 to 12000 (30 to 2 microns).
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Micro-Mesh MX

  • Silicone carbide grit with heavier backing
  • Similar the standard grade except that it has a slightly stiffer cloth backing and has several coarser grits available. Primarily used on metals to bring the surface to a micro finish.  Using a combination of one or more of the MX series, a sub 1.0 micro-inch RA can be achieved.
  • Available in grades 80MS to 1200MX 945 to 3 microns.
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Micro-Mesh Aluminum Oxide

  • Aluminum oxide grit
  • Designed specifically for finishing aluminum and other solid surfaces.
  • Available in grades 1500 AO to 12000 AO (30 to 2 microns).
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Micro-Mesh Diamond Crystal Abrasive

  • Designed specifically for finishing hard metal alloys, glass, quarts ceramics, natural granite, and natural marble
  • Use wet or dry
  • Available in grits 100 to 1800.