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Telatemp SL Sensor Temperature Recording Labels

Telatemp SL Sensor Temperature Recording Labels
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Telatemp's SL Sensor Labels record warming temperatures that could damage a product or are required to achieve certain bonding or flow processes. The single window chemical sensor in the middle of the bright yellow SL label provides a permanent color change from silver to black when exposed to the rated temperature.

SL Sensor Specifications
Accuracy ±1 °C or 2% of rated values
Shipping Special insulated packaging required to ship labels rated 130 °F/54 °C or lower
Shelf Life 24 months from invoice date when stored at room temperature 70 °F (21 °C) & 50% relative humidity
Color Change Material Non-toxic temperature responding compound
Substrate Yellow polyester film
Adhesive Acrylic adhesive backing on a release liner.
Presentation On cards of 30 to 50 pieces, or rolls of 1200 pieces
Dimensions 0.40" (10 mm dia.)

SL Sensor Temperature Labels
Part# Response Temperature Part# Response Temperature
SL100F 100 °F / 38 °C SL220F 220 °F / 104 °C
SL105F 105 °F / 40 °C SL230F 230 °F / 110 °C
SL110F 110 °F / 43 °C SL240F 240 °F / 116 °C
SL115F 115 °F / 46 °C SL250F 250 °F / 121 °C
SL120F 120 °F / 49 °C SL260F 260 °F / 127 °C
SL130F 130 °F / 54 °C SL270F 270 °F / 132 °C
SL140F 140 °F / 60 °C SL280F 280 °F / 138 °C
SL150F 150 °F / 66 °C SL290F 290 °F / 143 °C
SL160F 160 °F / 71 °C SL300F 300 °F / 149 °C
SL170F 170 °F / 77 °C SL310F 310 °F / 154 °C
SL180F 180 °F / 82 °C SL320F 320 °F / 160 °C
SL190F 190 °F / 88 °C SL330F 330 °F / 166 °C
SL200F 200 °F / 93 °C SL330F 340 °F / 171 °C
SL200F 200 °F / 93 °C SL340F 340 °F / 171 °C
SL210F 210 °F / 99 °C SL350F 350 °F / 177 °C
Part No. Description Quantity
In Stock
030SL100F SL SENSOR 100F (100/PK) DISCONTINUED------
030SL105F SL SENSOR 105F (100/PK) DISCONTINUED------
030SL110F SL SENSOR 110F (100/PK) DISCONTINUED------
030SL115F SL SENSOR 115F (100/PK) 46 C DISCONTINUED------
030SL120F SL SENSOR 120F (120/PK) DISCONTINUED------
030SL130F SL SENSOR 130F (100/PK) DISCONTINUED------
030SL140F SL SENSOR 140F (100/PK) DISCONTINUED------
030SL150F SL SENSOR 150F (100/PK) DISCONTINUED------
030SL160F SL SENSOR 160F (100/PK) DISCONTINUED------
030SL170F SL SENSOR 170F (100/PK) DISCONTINUED------
030SL180F SL SENSOR 180F (100/PK) DISCONTINUED------
030SL180F SL SENSOR 180F (100/PK) DISCONTINUED------
030SL190F SL SENSOR 190F (100/PK) DISCONTINUED------
030SL200F SL SENSOR 200F (100/PK) DISCONTINUED------
030SL210F SL SENSOR 210F (100/PK) DISCONTINUED------
030SL220F SL SENSOR 220F (100/PK) DISCONTINUED------
030SL230F SL SENSOR 230F (100/PK) DISCONTINUED------
030SL240F SL SENSOR 240F (100/PK) DISCONTINUED------
030SL250F SL SENSOR 250F (100/PK) DISCONTINUED------
030SL260F SL SENSOR 260F (100/PK) DISCONTINUED------
030SL270F SL SENSOR 270F (100/PK) DISCONTINUED------
030SL280F SL SENSOR 280F (100/PK) DISCONTINUED------
030SL290F SL SENSOR 290F (100/PK) DISCONTINUED------
030SL300F SL SENSOR 300F (100/PK) DISCONTINUED------
030SL310F SL SENSOR 110F (100/PK) DISCONTINUED------
030SL320F SL SENSOR 320F (100/PK) DISCONTINUED------
030SL330F SL SENSOR 330F (100/PK) DISCONTINUED------
030SL340F SL SENSOR 340F (100/PK) DISCONTINUED------
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