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Adixen Vacuum Pump Maintenance Kits

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Adixen Vacuum Pump Maintenance Kits
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Adixen Vacuum Pump Maintenance Kits

To simplify pump maintenance in the field, Adixen offers field maintenance kits. A Minor Maintenance Kit contains all necessary O-rings, shaft seals and gaskets normally required for internal pump repair. A Major Maintenance Kit contains all the O-rings and seals found in the Minor Maintenance Kit plus vanes, anti-suckback valves, and other key parts recommended for a complete pump overhaul. Minor Kits are recommended for minor pump service when a complete pump cleaning and overhaul is not required.

If one is anticipating the complete disassembly and cleaning of a vacuum pump, the Major Kit is recommended. Due to the amount of time and effort it takes to disassemble and overhaul a pump, it makes sense to replace all wearing parts within the pump. Complete pump overhaul is recommended every one to two years depending on the use (and abuse) that the pump received. Pumping of caustic or corrosive vapors (as well as large amounts of water vapors) will increase internal pump wear, reducing pumping efficiency and requiring a complete pump repair. The methods and procedures for Adixen pump overhauls are described in "The Mass Spec Handbook of Service", Vol. I, available from this catalog (Part #MSHS-1). Frequent oil changes will greatly reduce the frequency of pump overhaul.

Part No. Description Quantity
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Adixen Vac Pump Maintenance Major Kit
65885 major kit for UM2005 DISCONTINUEDEA------
65883 major kit for UM2010 DISCONTINUEDEA------
65882 major kit for UM2015 DISCONTINUEDEA------
65881 major kit for UM2021 DISCONTINUEDEA------
52611 major kit for ZM2012A, ZM2012AF DISCONTINUEDEA------
52613 major kit for ZM2008A DISCONTINUEDEA------
52614 major kit for ZM2004A DISCONTINUEDEA------
52982 major kit for 2020A DISCONTINUEDEA------
054288 major kit for UT/UM2033 DISCONTINUEDEA------
054487 major kit for UT2063 DISCONTINUEDEA------
Adixen Vac Pump Maintenance Minor Kit
65874 minor kit for UM2005, UM2010, UM2015, UM2021 DISCONTINUEDEA------
52610 minor kit for 2004A DISCONTINUEDEA------
054285 minor kit for UT/UM2033 DISCONTINUEDPK------
054485 minor kit for UT2063 DISCONTINUEDEA------
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