Model 3641 / 810486 Temperature Recording Labels

Telatemp Irreversible Temperature Labels - Model 3641 / 810486 Series
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The Telatemp Model 3641 / 810486 non-reversible temperature recording label contains two temperature sensitive increments that turn irreversibly black at the rated temperature. This label will record temperature events at the following ratings: left window is rated at 36 °F / 182 °C, right window is rated at 410 °F / 210 °C.

Model 3641 Label Specifications
Accuracy ±1 °C or 2% of rated values
Shipping Special insulated packaging required to ship labels rated 130 °F/54 °C or lower
Shelf Life 24 months from invoice date when stored at room temperature 70 °F (21 °C) & 50% relative humidity
Color Change Material Non-toxic temperature responding compound
Substrate Printed polyester film
Adhesive Acrylic adhesive backing on a release liner.
Presentation Zip lock bags, lot numbered
Dimensions 0.70" x 1.32" (32 mm x 32 mm)
Part No. Description Price
3641 3641 SERIES LABEL 20/PK $191.00