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PCT Data Loggers


Record PCT data in a variety of environments. Telatemp's PCT data loggers are designed to be water and moisture resistant making them ideal for use in environments when moisture is expected. Data can be downloaded to your PC by way of the PCT docking station that requires no openings into the data logger. The dynamic windows-based software allows for quick deployment and data recovery

  • PCT Transit ThermometersPCT Transit Thermometers
    A high performance, tamperproof +.5 °C accuracy real-time vs. temperature recording system designed to cost effectively protect the quality and safety of critical temperature sensitive goods in transit.
  • PC Transit Probe ThermometerPC Transit Probe Thermometer
    The Telatemp PC Transit System offers two models that record time vs. two temperatures with the same high performance specifications as the basic PCT-2000-DLM data logger module.