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SGE Forte™ BPX90 GC Capillary Columns

Catalog D8


90% Cyanopropyl Polysilphenylene-siloxane
Forte BPX90 is the latest development in high performance GC Capillary Columns from SGE. It is a unique column in that it is both highly polar and has high thermal stability (280 °C). The principal π-π retention mechanism gives forte BPX90 a unique selectivity, which allows it to separate compounds that cannot be resolved using conventional columns. forte BPX90 is an ideal column for fast high polarity separations in areas such as separation of the cis, trans and positional isomers of FAMEs, perfumery, petrochemicals, pesticides, PCBs and aromatics. forte BPX90 is also an excellent choice for 2D-GC, in combination with non-polar phases.

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GC Capillary Column, SGE, BPX90, Temp Limits (C)=280
Part No. ID (mm)Length (m)df (um) Quantity
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054570 0.25150.20 DISCONTINUED------
054580 0.25300.25 DISCONTINUED------
054590 0.25600.25 DISCONTINUED------
054573 0.32150.25 DISCONTINUED------
054583 0.32300.25 DISCONTINUED------
054593 0.32600.25 DISCONTINUED------