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Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter System from SIS

SIS has recently introduced vacuum pump filter kits for the rough pumps on your MS systems. These systems are recommended for areas where it is not possible or practical to exhaust the MS vacuum pumps outside the building. The filter system consists of two layered filters. The first filter is an oil mist eliminator, which captures the heavy hydrocarbons from the vacuum pump exhaust and returns these oils back into the pump. The second stage of filtering, consists of a disposable charcoal trap, which traps the more volatile organic compounds which are exhausted from the vacuum pump. Six different Exhaust Filter Kits are now available for a large selection of vacuum pumps.


We have complete Exhaust Filter Kits for specific models of vacuum pumps.  Each kit includes a Koby Charcoal Trap, an Oil Mist Eliminator and all the fittings, centering rings, and clamps needed to complete the assembly of the filter system to the vacuum pumps. For additional details on the kit contents, descriptions and pictures, click onto the Kit # to link to the appropriate WEB page.


Two Stage Filter Kits for most Vacuum Pumps are available from SIS.

We have three application notes on our web site with scientific studies demonstrating the effectiveness of these vacuum pump exhaust filters.

A four page flyer on vacuum pump filters can also be downloaded from our web site (PDF, 478 K).