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Low Pressure Flange Fittings

Catalog E54
VICI HPLC Low Pressure Flange Fittings
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Resilient 1/4"-28 Delrin nut with polypropylene O-ring ferrule. Ferrule does not contact mobile phase.

Part No. Description Price
JR201094BK10 NUT, PP, FLANGED BLACK 1/16IN, 1/4IN-28, 10/PKG $14.00
JR20192610 RING, PP, FLANGED 1/16IN, 10/PKG $8.40
JR201580BK10 NUT, PP, FLANGED BLACK 1/8IN, 1/4IN-28, 10/PKG $14.00
JR201580WH10 NUT, PP, FLANGED WHITE 1/8IN, 1/4IN-28, 10/PKG $14.00
JR20192810 RING, PP, FLANGED 1/8IN, 10/PKG $8.40
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