Koby Vacuum Pump In-Line Air Purifiers - VP100

Koby Vacuum Pump In-Line Air Purifiers - VP100
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Product ID : VP100
VP100 Koby In-Line Air Purifier


  • Prevents pollution of work environments
  • Minimal H2O Pressure Drop
  • Completely disposable
  • Maintenance Free
  • Made with adsorbent activated carbon
  • Particle Filtration to 0.5 microns


Disposable Vacuum Pump In-Line Air Purifiers, Models VP100, VP200, VP300, and VP400 are specifically designed to remove harmful organic vapors, aerosols, fine particles, and other foreign matter from vacuum air and compressed air. Units prevent pollution of laboratory and industrial work environments. Models 250JCB, 500SKB, MF2KCB, and MF4SKB Vacuum Pump In-Line Air Purifiers are recommended for installation after mercury filled manometers, instruments and other calibration equipment. Unlike VP Series Purifiers, units are supplied with impregnated carbon for efficient adsorption of hazardous mercury vapor not readily removed by standard activated carbon

Click here for a general list of contaminants removed by this air filter.

Installation and Replacement

Units can be easily installed directly to vacuum pump, or system piping using standard NPT pipe fittings. Replace according to specified manufacturer's replacement, or when noticeable odor is detected on purifier discharge. When used only to remove fine particles, replace every six months from date of installation.


Air Filter Model Maximum Oil Adsorption Capacity Maximum Air Flow 100 psig
at 1psid (SCFM)
VP100 1.0 oz. 19.0
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