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Mass Spectrometry - Kratos - Supplies/Services

Scientific Instrument Services offer a range of supplies and services for the Kratos (Shimadzu division) mass spectrometers and instruments. If an item is not listed, contact us and we will try to add it our product line.

Some instruments with filaments, multipliers, or other parts provided here include
Axis - x-ray photoelectron spectrometer, circa 2000's.
Amicus / ESCA 3200, ESCA 3400 - x-ray photoelectron spectrometer, circa 2000's.
Axima (MALDI-TOF), circa 2000's.
Kompact MALDI I,II, III, & IV (MALDI-TOF), circa ~1990's.
MS-9, MS-30, MS-50, MS-80, MS-25 - double-focusing sector MS's, circa ~1970's/80's, some with GC/MS. Shimadzu in 1989 acquired Kratos, who in 1976 acquired AEI.