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Oxiclear™ Disposable Gas Purifier

Catalog D40-D41
Oxiclear™ Disposable Gas Purifier
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Price: 196.5
Product ID : DGP250R2
DGP125R1 Fitting Size=1/8"|Body material=Polished Aluminum Oxiclear Gas Purifier DGP125R2 Fitting Size=1/8"|Body material=Gold colored anodized Aluminum Oxiclear Gas Purifier DGP250R1 Fitting Size=1/4"|Body material=Polished Aluminum Oxiclear Gas Purifier DGP250R2 Fitting Size=1/4"|Body material=Gold colored anodized Aluminum Oxiclear Gas Purifier


The Oxiclear Gas Purifiers are oxygen absorbing gas purifiers with high efficiency and low resistance to gas flow. Oxiclear Gas Purifiers are primarily designed for applications involving gas chromatography, glove boxes and anaerobic experiments. They remove oxygen and trace amounts of water and organics from inert carrier gases such as nitrogen, helium and argon. Oxiclear purifiers are efficient to less than 50 ppb when the incoming oxygen concentration is 21% or less. Furthermore, all models can withstand pressures in excess of 125 psi and temperatures up to 100 °C.

The Oxiclear Disposable Gas Purifier is offered in the “inline” configuration, with either 1/4" or 1/8" brass male tube compression fittings. It is capable of purifying the contents of 4-5 standard cylinders of 300 cubic feet (900 cubic feet at STP), easily removing oxygen from inert carrier gases down to less than 50 ppb. The disposable Oxiclear Purifier is approximately 5 1/2" long by 2" in diameter and is finished in polished silver color. Offering a very low resistance to gas flow, .003 psi (cc/second), the Oxiclear Disposable Gas Purifier will deliver 100 cc/second at pressure drop of only 0.3 psi.
This new Oxiclear filter from Labclear™ will remove oxygen to 50 ppb from inert carrier gases such as nitrogen, helium, and argon. The gold anodized aluminum canister is only 1-1/4" in diameter by 10" long and is available in both 1/4" and 1/8" nickel plated brass tube fittings.


Technical Data DGP-R1 DGP-R2
O2 Removal To 50 ppb To 50 ppb
Maximum Pressure 250 psi 250 psi
Maximum Operating Pressure 125 psi 125 psi
Maximum Flow Rate 3 liters/min. @35 psi 3 liters/min @ 35 psi
Capacity 1200-1500 cubic feet 1200 cubic feet
Finish Polished aluminum Gold anodized
Diameter 2" diameter 1 1/4" diameter
Length 5 1/2" 10"
Maximum Temperature 100 °C
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